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Nestled in southeast Austria, Graz is a vibrant city oozing with history and charm. Whether you get lured in by its mesmerising Renaissance courtyards, the buzzing student environment, or its title as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and City of Culinary Delights, you’ll soon realise that Graz is a city like no other.

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Known as Austria's second-largest city after its picturesque capital, Vienna, Graz is the beating heart of the Styria province. The city is perched on both sides of the River Mur, surrounded by the alluring mountains of the Graz Basin. With a population surpassing 330,000 residents, Graz is a key hub for education, boasting four universities and four colleges, accommodating over 60,000 students.

The city breathes history with its ancient 'Innere Stadt', the oldest borough, and numerous noteworthy individuals like Johannes Kepler and Nikola Tesla having walked its streets. Over 1,000 buildings showcasing architecture from Gothic to contemporary periods adorn the cityscape, speaking of Graz's diversity. The city's prominence hasn't waned with time - in 2003 it was declared the Cultural Capital of Europe and a UNESCO City of Design.

Graz is also a haven for museum enthusiasts. The Museum of Contemporary Art and the Universalmuseum Joanneum are amongst its star attractions. The city also flaunts its prominent architectural projects like the Stadthalle and the Children's Museum, as well as being the home ground for two football clubs, adding more allure to its multifaceted personality.

When to visit Graz

When planning a trip to this Austrian gem, timing is important. The best period for family outings to Graz is during spring (March - May). The climate is comfortably cool, allowing families to explore attractions such as the Uhrturm, Grazer Schlossberg, Schloss Eggenberg, and Kunsthaus Graz with ease.

However, if you’re looking for lower tariffs, visiting during the summer months might be an option. Keep in mind that rainfall tends to be higher during this period. Winter in Graz, from November to February, might appeal to those who enjoy frosty views, with temperatures averaging between 0 to -2 degrees Celsius. No matter the season, Graz promises an enriching visit with its myriad of offerings.

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