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From bustling plazas to sun-kissed beaches, Palma de Mallorca delivers an enchanting Mediterranean allure like no other. This city - the capital of Spain's Balearic Islands, is steeped in heritage whilst gleaming with upbeat cosmopolitan energy. A haven for couples seeking romance, families in search of fun-filled excursions or friends eager for a vibrant nightlife.

Look no further than Lycafly for finding that perfect accommodation - our range includes everything from grand hotels in the heart of the city to idyllic beachfront resorts. Whether you're planning a luxury getaway or seeking an affordable yet comfortable base, let us assist in crafting a memorable holiday experience.

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Palma, also known as Palma de Mallorca, is a sparkling gem nestled on the Bay of Palma's south coast. As the capital and largest city of the Balearic Islands, its rich historical past echoes through the centuries. Teeming with archaeological treasures from its Roman origins and Moorish rule, Palma exudes an air of captivating history.

It was the Romans who first established the city as a strategic port, paving the way for its impressively multicultural history. Moorish rule ushered in its time as Medina Mayurqa, a thriving hub of trade activity. Eventually, Palma shifted under the rule of James I of Aragon, who established it as the Kingdom of Majorca's capital.

It wasn't all grandeur and glory, though. Turbulent times followed, with periods of decline and strife due to piracy attacks and social divisions. But resilient Palma bounced back, and the 18th century saw its fortunes change with the booming revival of commerce and new maritime routes. Today, it's a modern, tourist-friendly destination welcoming visitors with its irresistible charm and vibrant atmosphere, drawn from its rich cultural past, and shaped by its thriving tourism industry.

When to visit Palma De Mallorca

If you're enticed by the promises of sun, sand and sublime Spanish culture, picking the right time to visit Palma de Mallorca is crucial. For families or those seeking the mild warmth of the Mediterranean sun, spring is idyllic as most tourist amenities and shops re-open and the weather is splendid, painting each day with a beautiful palette.

Come June, Palma shifts gears into its peak season, with temperatures picking up and clear, sunny days making it prime time for beach-filled getaways and boating adventures. Both July and August are bustling, positively vibrating with energy and packed with events.

However, if it's peace and tranquillity you're after, winter offers a quieter time to explore the delightful beaches and stunning mountains. Tempered temperatures, fewer crowds and serene landscapes make it a seasoned traveller's secret best kept. So, whenever you choose to visit, this Mediterranean queen promises a holiday hailed with beautiful memories.

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