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Jewel of the Scottish Highlands, Inverness is a city steeped in history, bathed in scenic beauty and pulsating with a youthful dynamism. Dotted with iconic landmarks like the historic Inverness Castle, ancient Craig Phadraig and the tranquil Ness Islands, this fast-growing city offers a variety of bustling city breaks, tranquil country retreats and everything in between.

Whether you're on a budget-friendly family holiday, a romantic escape for two, or a fun-filled adventure with friends, Inverness caters to all your needs. With LycaFly, you can uncover the perfect accommodation from cosy bed and breakfasts to lush hotels that give you a front-row seat to this captivating city. Why wait? Begin your journey today with LycaFly.

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Wreathed with a gripping past, Inverness, the northernmost city in the United Kingdom, has been inhabited since at least 6500 BC. Serving as the county town for Inverness-shire, it steadily rose to become the administrative centre of The Highland Council, and rightly donned the title of 'The capital of the Highlands'.

The city has seen epic battles such as Blàr nam Fèinne and the Battle of Culloden, stating its military strategic significance. Today, the modern city of Inverness revels in the balance of preserving its historical roots and embracing booming economic and population growth in the 21st century, a delightful blend that earned it the honour of being the 'Happiest Place in Scotland'.

When to visit Inverness

The allure of Inverness unfolds vividly in different seasons, leaving the choice of the best time to visit largely on personal interests. The city basks in the warm embrace of tourists during the high season of May to September, where outdoor pursuits and scenic landscapes burst into life.

Enjoy the charm of the city in August, widely regarded for its splendid weather or catch a bargain on hotel prices in February, the calm before the popular tourist storm. Connect with the heartbeat of this highland beauty during your preferred travel season with hotel bookings made comfortably via Lycafly!

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