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The allure of Dusseldorf, with its fusion of genteel charm and pulsating modernity, begs to be explored. A city where Rhenish tradition twines effortlessly with cosmopolitan flair, it pulses with a vibe that is both historic and avant-garde. Whether you are a family seeking fun explorations, couples yearning for romantic encounters, or friends in search of vibrant nightlife, Dusseldorf is ready to serve you experiences to remember. Its plethora of hotels allows for stay options to suit all budgets, offering amenities from homely comforts to luxuries that scream indulgence.

With Lycafly, choose a chalet overlooking the Rhine, walking distance from the famous Königsallee (people-watchers prepare to be thrilled!). Perhaps you'd prefer a cosy budget-friendly guesthouse within rambling distance of the city's vibrant art scene. With Dusseldorf, the possibilities are endless, the memories everlasting. Book your stay today and let us guide you to match 'your' Dusseldorf with 'your' perfect stay.

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Dusseldorf, the seventh-largest city in Germany, takes its name from its location at the mouth of the Düssel River. Here it proudly sits as the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia, the most populous state in Germany. Historically rich, it traces its roots back to Roman times, and has experienced both prosperity and destruction. Today, it stands as a thriving international business and financial centre. Home to one Fortune Global 500 company, two DAX companies, and numerous nations' financial institutions, Dusseldorf is a bustling cosmopolitan centre.

This central hub of the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region, known for its trade fairs and fashion, is spliced by ten administrative boroughs. It is renowned for housing the third-largest Japanese community in Europe, testament to which is the strong Japanese corporate presence in the city. Dusseldorf also boasts of 22 higher education institutions, contributing to its youthful energy. The city's rich cultural scene, marked by a bevy of art galleries, museums, and the vibrant Rhenish Carnival, sets the tempo for life here. Experience Dusseldorf - a place where past and future intermingle, and where international influences crisscross with local customs.

When to visit Dusseldorf

Whilst the website may currently lack information regarding when to visit Dusseldorf for a family outing, the city stands ready to welcome travellers year-round. Each season offers uniquely refreshing experiences, be it soaking up summer festivals, marvelling at autumn's colours, savouring the stillness of winter, or revelling in spring's vibrance. For more personalised advice, please reach out to us and let us help you make your family outing to Dusseldorf perfect, no matter when you choose to visit. Dusseldorf isn't just a city, it's an experience awaiting your exploration.

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