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Izmir, Turkey's third largest city by population, sits majestically along the Aegean coast, offering travellers a blend of breathtaking sapphire waters, rich history, and an alluring culture. From the grandeur of its ancient city of Smyrna, touched by the likes of Alexander the Great, to its modern-day sights, Izmir has an enchanting flavour sure to captivate every visitor.

Whether you're embarking on a romantic holiday with your partner, an engaging family outing, or a fun-filled trip with friends, Izmir's diverse range of hotels caters effortlessly to all. Imagine the awe-inspiring views from your hotel room window, where history and modernity come to play! Let Lycafly help you find the perfect accommodation for your visit to this slice of Aegean allure right now.

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Nestled on the western coastline of Turkey, Izmir delivers a captivating journey for all who venture its way. Fun fact - this metropolitan city was once known as Smyrna, a name teeming with ancient lore and mythological tales. Boasting an urban history spanning more than three millennia, Izmir's historic appeal is well complemented by its bustling mercantile nature, making it one of the key Mediterranean cities for trade and commerce.

Gem of the Aegean, Izmir offers a tantalising blend of Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman and contemporary architectural influences, creating a rich, tactile tapestry of styles into the urban fabric. As you walk its streets, history leaps out to greet you from every corner. With its lush archaeological heritage, from prehistoric beginnings to the handsome architecture of the 20th century, Izmir truly showcases its transformation into a major industrial and commercial hub, while never losing sight of its illustrious past.

When to visit Izmir

With a fabulous Aegean weather climate, Izmir's welcoming arms are open wide throughout the year. The city basks in the glory of the warm summer sun, making May to September the perfect window for sun-seekers. July often takes centre stage as the hottest month, but fear not, the sea is a mere stone's throw away for a refreshing dip!

However, if you prefer a gentler climate with a crisp autumnal edge, plan your visit for October. Izmir experiences an average of 14 glorious hours of sunshine a day throughout summer, assuring ample time to fully embrace all this vibrant city has to offer. Whatever time you choose to visit, Izmir's rich heritage, beautiful landscapes, and radiant skies will ensure a memorable visit.

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