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Nice, the radiant gem of the French Riviera, is truly a sight to behold with its blend of sun-kissed beaches, rich history, and a vibrant arts scene. Often referred to as 'Nice la Belle', this Mediterranean paradise provides a plethora of unforgettable hotel experiences, encapsulating everything from luxury waterfront resorts to charming boutique establishments tucked away in its historic quarters.

Whether you're seeking a luxurious retreat steeped in elegance, a family-friendly lodging with convenient amenities, or an affordable accommodation providing an authentic feel of the French Riviera lifestyle, the ideal backdrop for your Nice adventure awaits. Dive into our curated range of hotel offerings and book your perfect French escape with Lycafly today.

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As the vibrant capital of the Alpes-Maritimes department, Nice sits elegantly on the southeastern coast of France, overlooking the azure waters of the Mediterranean sea. Famed not only as a glitzy retreat for the elites, Nice is steeped in intriguing history, with its roots tracing back to 350 BC when it was founded as Nikaia. The city's colourful past has seen it change hands numerous times, marked by periods under the rule of the Greek, Italian and French sovereignties.

This rich cultural tapestry, including its historical significance as a winter resort for the European aristocracy, earned Nice a well-deserved spot on UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites in 2021. Today, it serves as one of France's busiest ports and a pulsating hub of tourism, boasting the second-largest hotel capacity in the country and attracting millions to its sun-soaked shorelines each year.

When to visit Nice

Sunshine seems to be a permanent resident in Nice, gracing this picturesque city with its warm presence for a remarkable 300 days per year. However, time your visit right to enjoy the best of what Nice has to offer. Ideally, the sweet spot lies in the shoulder seasons of spring and autumn, where visitor numbers are lower, yet the weather still wonderfully pleasant.

For the party enthusiasts, the lively Nice Carnival in February is a spectacle not to miss. January, on the other hand, is the serene period, perfect for those who prefer a tranquil exploration of the city. Whenever you decide to visit, rest assured Nice's timeless appeal and warm Mediterranean allure remain a constant.

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