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Steeped in history, bursting with culture, and shimmering with Italian charm, Florence is a place to lose yourself in. As the effervescent heart of Tuscany, this city offers a cornucopia of visual delights and sensory pleasures. From luxury stays in the historic districts to budget accommodation for the thrifty traveller, there's something for everyone in Florence.

Whether you're a culture vulture eager to dive into the Renaissance spirit, a couple seeking a romantic Italian getaway, or a family ready to explore, Florence has something to offer. Find your ideal starting point for your Florentine adventure with a variety of hotels available through Lycafly today.

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Florence is the proud capital of the enchanting region of Tuscany. Once a hub of European trade and finance in the Middle Ages, the city's wealth and influence are still palpable today. Renowned as the cradle of the Renaissance, Florence remains an ethos of influence in Italy and beyond, with its historic centre recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The city's rich history is characterised by the rule of the influential Medici family, numerous revolutions, and even a German occupation during World War II. The echoes of this grand past are evident in every nook and corner of the city, from its awe-inspiring architecture to the Florentine dialect that forms the base of the Italian language. This Italian gem is brimming with culture, fashion, and a captivating history just waiting to be unravelled.

When to visit Florence

Florence basks in warm weather from June to September, though bear in mind that August may be quieter as locals leave for summer vacations. The cooler months of December and January offer a less crowded experience. The best travel times are April, May, June, September, and October, boasting pleasant weather and the advantages of peak season.

’Visiting during mid or low season could be beneficial too, and dressing in layers is recommended given the city’s Mediterranean climate. Whether it's a sun-soaked summer stay or a winter rendezvous amidst crisp weather, you're sure to find your own slice of Italian paradise in beautiful Florence.

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