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Awash with sun-soaked sands and pulsating nightlife, Miami Beach is a paradise with all the charm of a coastal resort city and the grandeur of an opulent culture hub. South Beach exudes magnetic pull, luring sun lovers and jet-setters to its iconic Art Deco skyline, pristine beaches and vibrant commercial centres.

Whether you fancy a grand suite from where you can soak up the panoramic ocean views, a budget-friendly haven nestled in the heart of the city's cultural scene or a family-friendly hotel that accommodates for adventure-seekers of all ages, you’ll find the perfect digs for your escape with Lycafly. Don't wait, book your dream Miami Beach hotel with us today.

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A deep dive into the history of Miami Beach unveils stories of tenacity, glamour, and constant reinvention. Its virgin sandy landscapes first bore fruit in 1870, with the Lum family's efforts in land purchase and the creation of the first structure, the Biscayne House of Refuge. This spurred a gradual metamorphosis, starting with a failed coconut plantation, a successful stint at avocado farming, and the bridging of Miami Beach to the mainland - a milestone that opened up tourism and real estate opportunities on the island.

Miami Beach evolved into a luxurious resort hub in the early 20th century, studded with grand hotels and winter retreats for the wealthy. Rapid demographic shifts followed both World Wars and the rise of Fidel Castro, infusing the city’s tapestry with rich multicultural threads. Despite facing environmental challenges such as rising sea levels and tidal flooding, Miami Beach has proven to be a resilient city that adapts to change, just like the dynamic blend of Art Deco and modern architecture that characterises its breathtaking skyline.

When to visit Miami Beach

Miami Beach's subtropical climate makes it a veritable year-round playground for beach and sun worshippers. However, the months from October to May are especially favoured, offering a slice of sunny winter retreat. Whether you plan to bask in the sunshine in February, the driest month, or want to experience the sizzle of July, the hottest month, your schedule can flex to the city’s climatic rhythm. Families especially might prefer the more benign temperatures of these months. High humidity and rainfall from June to September lend Miami Beach an enchanting tropical allure, making every visit unique.

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