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Just like the culturally rich city itself, hotels in Rome range from the stately and extravagant to charming and budget-friendly. Picture a romantic retreat overlooking the historic Colosseum or a family-friendly establishment right in the heart of the illustrious Vatican City. The grandeur and history of the "Eternal City" awaits every turn.

No matter your preference or budget, Rome offers accommodations to match every imaginable taste. Perhaps you desire a luxurious suite with eye-catching vistas or a cosy nook exuding the city's historical charm. Delve into your Roman adventure with Lycafly and discover the ideal place to set as your home base in this glorious city.

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Welcoming you with millennia-old monuments and a rich tapestry of culture, Rome, the captivating capital of Italy, stands as a testament to the grandeur of the Roman Empire. Often referred to as the "Eternal City", Rome's history spans a staggering 28 centuries, with tell-tale signs of human habitation dating back an incredible 14,000 years.

Integral to Western civilization and the cradle of Christian culture, the birthplace of the Roman Kingdom, Republic, and Empire, Rome still bears the indelible mark of its illustrious legacy. The city pairs its historical heritage with an idyllic Mediterranean climate, making it a year-round tourist magnet. Its charming streets, sprinkled with renowned landmarks like the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and the world's smallest country, Vatican City, make it the 14th most visited city worldwide.

Modern Rome, while upholding its historical significance, has carved its place as an international business hub, a fashion and design hotspot, and a cultural and artistic centre. From local cobblestone lanes emitting a quaint charm to the impressive monuments narrating Rome's fascinating past, the city offers a unique juxtaposition of the ancient and modern.

When to visit Rome

Deciding when to visit Rome is less about timing and more about your travel preferences. The city unfurls its timeless allure year-round, rendering it an ideal family holiday destination. If your vision of Rome includes pleasant weather and fewer tourists, late spring (April to May) and early autumn (September to October) might be the perfect fit.

However, those who thrive in the vivacious summer bustle, notwithstanding the soaring daytime temperatures, Rome's summer months offer an exhilarating vibe. For a quieter, more intimate encounter with Rome, you might find January and February, post-Christmas, ideal. With cool nights, sunny days and the occasional rainfall, the city's Mediterranean climate adds to the magic from November through March or April. You get to choose your Roman holiday.

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