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Magnificent, modern, and marvelously multicultural, Rotterdam is a bustling city that eloquently melds its rich maritime history with a skyline punctuated by avant-garde architecture. Impressive yet intimate, robust yet refined, the hotels in Rotterdam are just as varied as this dynamic Dutch metropolis itself, offering everything from serene riverside suites to smart city-central spots.

From family-friendly retreats that pack plenty of entertainment for the little ones, to exquisite luxury hideaways that scream romance, there's something for every travel tribe and budget. Whether you are exploring the Netherlands' largest seaport, or diving into the vibrant blend of different cultures, make your Rotterdam adventure start with Lycafly by booking your ideal accommodation today.

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Overlooking the North Sea at the mouth of the Rhine-Meuse-Scheldt delta, Rotterdam is the second-largest city in the Netherlands, playing home to an estimated population of 655,468 residents from over 180 different nationalities. Europe's largest seaport, it commands a lofty reputation as a significant logistical and economic nexus, rightfully earning its monikers as the "Gateway to Europe" and "Gateway to the World".

The fabric of Rotterdam unravels a long history which can be traced back to at least the year 950, with the diminutive settlement at the lower end of the Rotte river. From obtaining city rights in 1340, growing as a trans-shipment hub, and experiencing extensive modernisation post-World War II, Rotterdam's journey bleeds into its urban landscape - a kaleidoscope of architectural marvels by the likes of Rem Koolhaas and Piet Blom.

Rotterdam's ethos celebrates diversity, evident in its multicultural populace, significant non-industrialised foreign population, and sect of businesses helmed by foreign-born individuals. With Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism as the main religious denominations, and a considerable chunk of the population professing no religious affiliation, the city proves to be a melting pot of a broad range of traditions and beliefs.

When to visit Rotterdam

Guessing games in the form of weather forecasts don't quite belong to the Rotterdam vacation package. The temperate oceanic climate graces this city with cool winters and mild to warm summers. For those lured by the charm of outdoor activities under the sun, summer temperatures, peaking at a comfy 26℃ (78℉), make this the perfect time to plan a visit.

If the lowering chances of rainfall in April appeal to you, then consider slotting it as the ideal time for your Rotterdam rendezvous. So, whether your idea of relaxation is basking in the sunshine or romantically sharing an umbrella with your partner in a drizzle, our comprehensive climate guide can help you choose just the right time of the year. Find and book your choices for comfort, convenience, and adventure through Lycafly today!

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