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Teeming with the hustle of life, yet charmingly warm, New York City invites travellers of all sorts to indulge in its extraordinary charm. From its skyscraping silhouettes that dramatically touch the sky to the vibrant melting pot of cultures that brim its streets, the Big Apple is a world in itself, offering a stunning mix of experiences that cater to different tastes and budgets.

Whether you're a solo traveller seeking the thrills of the urban jungle, a couple in search of a romantic oasis amidst the city’s buzz, or a family desiring the perfect hub close to famed attractions, New York City has the perfect hotel waiting for you. Book with LycaFly today and dive right into the heart of a city that is truly legendary.

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New York City – the most populous in the United States – is an astonishing metropolis boasting a remarkable lineage dating back to a trading post established in 1624. Each of its five distinctive boroughs, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, the Bronx, and Staten Island, carries its unique flair and charm presenting a potpourri of experiences and influences. From the UN Headquarters underlining its international diplomacy stature, Wall Street embodying its financial dominance, to the myriad of languages that resonate in its arteries, NYC is genuinely a world in itself.

From the glittering icon of freedom, the Statue of Liberty, to the bustling Times Square and imposing Empire State Building, the city is a vibrant showcase of landmarks and architectural masterpieces. It is an esteemed beacon for the art connoisseur - with the Metropolitan Museum of Art being the most visited in the US, and a plethora of galleries and auction houses. Not forgetting the educational prowess with its prestigious colleges and universities, including the largest urban university system in the nation – the City University of New York.

New York is known for its cultural diversity and is an important symbol of freedom and entrepreneurship. Be it the drawn-out lines of billionaires, the high-paced New York City Subway, the bustling real estate market, or the revered New York Times, every bit of the city speaks volumes about its grandeur. Once called New Amsterdam, this city renamed New York under British control in 1664, consistently ranks as a global powerhouse in finance and economics to this day.

When to visit New York

Timing your visit to New York City can make all the difference to your exploration. The ideal months to visit are between April to June and September to early November when the weather is pleasantly mild. May and September note consistent favourable climate that encourages outdoor excursions.

For those on a budget, travelling during the colder months of early January and February presents an advantage. Summer brings vibrancy and is a wonderful time for family outings with various events and festivals adding to the city's allure. Regardless of when you choose to visit, remember, the city's expansive subway system offers 24/7 service, making commuting feasible at any time. Strap up your travel shoes and book your visit to the city that never sleeps with Lycafly – today!

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