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The urban heart of the Venetian mainland, Mestre, is often overlooked by the beauty of its island sister, Venice. Yet, it offers a charming retreat from the tourist throngs, with its mixture of history and modernity. Think of the architectural splendour of the Duomo of St. Lawrence, the intriguing display of interactive technology at the M9 Museum, to the quaint structures such as Provvedaria and Palazzo da Re.

From luxurious hotels offering splendiferous canal views, to budget accommodations that offer exceptional convenience and value, Mestre caters to a spectrum of holiday budgets and tastes. Whether you're a couple seeking culture and romance, a family in pursuit of discovery, or friends on a tight budget, find the perfect lodgings for your Italian getaway with LycaFly today.

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Mestre is a populous region flanking the iconic waterways of Venice. Established as a fortress town during the Roman age, Mestre was once a separate entity until its merger with Venice in 1926. The borough underwent significant growth after World War II, evolving into an urban hub with notable connections to Venice via the Freedom Bridge. It served as a vital port during the Venetian Republic, a connection valued between the mainland and the island city.

Today, Mestre is known for its cheaper prices and easy connections to Venice, making it an ideal spot for thrifty travellers. It also boasts an assortment of attractions, like the historical Palazzo da Re and the majestically renaissance Duomo of St. Lawrence. The M9 Museum and the bustling city’s transport system offer a taste of modernity in this historical borough. The essence of this charming place found its way into the world of literature too, with a mention in Donna Leon's mystery novel, "The Anonymous Venetian".

When to visit Mestre

The climate in Mestre swings from warm and humid summers to biting winters. The best time for sun-lovers to visit is from late June to late August, while fans of fairer weather may prefer from mid-May to mid-July or mid-August to early October. The most transparent part of the year extends from mid-June to late September. Mestre also experiences a wetter season running from late March to late November, with rains being the most common form of precipitation. Those who seek the warmth of the sea will find joy from mid-June to mid-September. Remember, despite the seasonal changes, Mestre's appeal remains year-round.

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