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Just as a sturdy Tyne Bridge spans the River Tyne, Newcastle upon Tyne spans history – from its Roman roots to its thriving modern culture – promising a lavish holiday for all types of travellers. The city is peppered with a range of hotels to suit various tastes, whether a luxurious, palatial stay overlooking the Tyne, or a cosy B&B nestled amongst the city's historic architecture.

Packed with vibrant nightlife, iconic landmarks, and a lively sporting scene, there’s always something new around the corner here. So whether you’re planning the perfect family getaway, a culture-infused adventure with friends, or an unforgettable romantic break – Newcastle delivers it all and Lycafly is here to assist with your perfect accommodation booking.

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Beginning life as a Roman settlement, Pons Aelius, Newcastle bloomed into a bustling city under Robert Curthose, the son of William the Conqueror. Known famously for its iconic Tyne Bridge and Newcastle Castle, it’s a city where history and culture seamlessly blend through its historic markets, science centres, museums, art galleries, and the beloved St James’ Park – home to Newcastle United Football Club.

Wind your way through Grainger Town's charming historic architecture, stride through the cosmopolitan district, Chinatown, or take in the awe-inspiring Newcastle Cathedral as you traverse through the friendly and vibrant streets of the North East's most populous city. A pleasant surprise awaits you at every corner in this city which was once the heart of the Industrial Revolution with inventions like the safety lamps, Stephenson's Rocket, and even the electric light bulb to its credit.

When to visit Newcastle

The ideal time to roam the streets of Newcastle and soak up its charismatic allure is during the warmest months of June, July, August, and September – perfect for a thrilling family holiday or a chilled summer break. If a quieter getaway is your cup of tea, and you fancy lower hotel prices, consider visiting in the calmer months of January and February.

If your aim is adventure on a budget, November presents a golden opportunity with the lowest hotel prices and the cheapest flights. Regardless of the season, Newcastle promises an unforgettable visit teeming with warmth, history, and charm – all ready to book with Lycafly.

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