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In Los Angeles, expect sunshine, a laid-back Californian vibe and an eclectic range of accommodations to match the city's vast urban sprawl. From charming bungalows tucked away in dappled Hollywood Hills to ocean-view rooms in Santa Monica, the city offers something to enchant every traveller. With a vibrant arts scene, globally recognised landmarks, and a food culture that’s as diverse as its population, you're in for a memorable stay.

Whether you're planning a sun-soaked family holiday, a glamour-filled rendezvous with friends, or a quiet couple's retreat, you'll find a hotel in Los Angeles to suit you and your budget. Explore the possibilities and book your dream Los Angeles abode with Lycafly today.

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Los Angeles, the dazzling city of stars and the beating heart of Southern California, is much more than the glitz of Hollywood. Famed for its enviable Mediterranean climate, diverse population, and sprawling seascape, the city of roughly 3.9 million residents boasts a staggering array of experiences. Luxurious Beverly Hills, bohemian Venice Beach, and historic Downtown LA each narrate a unique chapter of the city's story.

Imprinted in LA's saga are the indigenous Tongva people, Spanish settlers, booming oil success and thriving entertainment industries. Despite historical challenges and social upheavals, it remains an emblem of resilience, growth and dreams. Its steady global influence echoes across industries like entertainment, aerospace, technology, and manufacturing. Along with vibrant cultural influences, LA offers a dynamic blend of cuisines, music, and artistic pursuits for you to delve into.

When to visit Los Angeles

When to visit Los Angeles, you ask? The answer is practically any time. Blessed with 284 sunny days per year and low humidity, the city offers a delightful holiday experience throughout the year. Summer, from June through August, is the peak season, with warm, sunny weather beckoning families on holiday. For those seeking the balmy glow of Californian sun minus the bustling crowds, late August through September is an ideal time.

Fall ushers in a colourful fiesta with Disneyland garnering crowds for Halloween celebrations while Spring - particularly in March and April - brings comfortable temperatures and more manageable visitor numbers. No matter when you decide to visit, Los Angeles promises to captivate with its ceaseless charm and carousel of activities.

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