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Welcome to Peterborough, a city marked by its rich history and buzzing modern developments. Nestled on the River Nene, this Cathedral city in Cambridgeshire provides a charming mix of old-world charm and urban sophistication, perfect for holidaymakers of all kinds.

From historic landmarks to trendy shopping precincts, there's something for everyone in Peterborough. Whether you're seeking an upscale suite with river views or a budget-friendly base for your family's adventures, book your ideal hotel with Lycafly today, and unlock the sights and sounds of this enchanting city.

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First known as Medeshamstede and later as Burgh, Peterborough is a city with a rich and layered past. This Cathedral city, located 76 miles north of London, traces human habitation back to before the Bronze Age. The Peterborough Cathedral, a masterpiece of 12th-century architecture, stands testament to the city's enduring cultural legacy.

From the days of the Romans to the impact of the English Civil War, Peterborough's story is woven into its streets and buildings. Rapid growth in the 19th century, spurred by the arrival of railways and the flourishing brick-making industry, reshaped the cityscape, with names like Perkins Engines, Baker Perkins, and British Sugar becoming significant employers in the region.

Today, Peterborough marries heritage with modernity. The city's economy thrives on financial services and distribution, while it also nurtures a tradition of brick-making. The city's proud commitment to environmental sustainability is evident in its designation as an environmental capital, hosting the UK's largest cluster of environmental businesses, and the independent charity Peterborough Environmental City Trust (PECT) promotes sustainable living in its remit.

As a testament to its continual growth, Peterborough has welcomed a new university, ARU Peterborough, which opened in 2022, offering courses in business, creativity, agriculture, and health. The city's redevelopment continues, with projects such as the Fletton Quays and the extension of Queensgate Shopping Centre adding an exciting urban dynamic to Peterborough's historical charm.

When to visit Peterborough

Peterborough is a city for all seasons, with its beauty unfolding in different hues throughout the year. However, if you prefer sunnier climes and wish to avoid the crowd, May, June, and September are ideal times to visit. These months coincide with warmer weather and fewer tourists, making them perfect for leisurely explorations of the city's attractions.

July and August are the warmest months, making them excellent choices for those who love sunshine and outdoor activities, although they are also the peak tourist season. Do keep in mind that these months, along with June, are the rainiest, lending a lush green cloak to the landscapes.

For those who savour the quiet and seclusion, the beginning of the year during January and February sees the lowest number of tourists flocking the city. No matter when you opt to visit, there's always something special waiting for you in Peterborough.

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