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Hotels in Frankfurt, much like the city itself, reflect an impressive blend of tradition and innovation, all set against the dramatic skyline fondly nicknamed "Mainhattan". This vibrant city offers a medley of accommodations, from ultra-luxurious stays in the likes of Jumeirah Frankfurt to budget-friendly lodgings at the Adina Apartment Hotel.

Whether you desire an elaborate suite where you can admire Frankfurt's skyline, or a cosy family-friendly spot near the city's umpteen attractions, Frankfurt effortlessly serves up the best. For couples, families, individuals, or groups, the perfect stay awaits in Frankfurt. Unearth your ideal base for exploring Frankfurt with Lycafly today.

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Nestled on the Main River, Frankfurt is the dynamic hub of the Rhine-Main Metropolitan region. Known as Frankfurt am Main, this bustling city welcomes over 2.3 million people. Steeped in rich history, Frankfurt was once a city-state known as the Free City of Frankfurt and held a key role in the Holy Roman Empire. Today, it thrives as Germany's financial powerhouse and a vibrant cultural hotspot.

Besides being a financial titan with the headquarters of European Central Bank, Deutsche Bundesbank and Frankfurt Stock Exchange, the city is also a cultural oasis. The Frankfurt Book Fair, the world's largest book fair, and numerous museums and venues such as Alte Oper and German Film Museum embellish Frankfurt's cultural landscape. As the home to many international as well as local sports teams, sports enthusiasts also find a haven in Frankfurt.

This multicultural city is a perfect amalgamation of the old and new, where gleaming skyscrapers share the landscape with verdant parks, such as the Palmengarten and Botanical Garden Frankfurt. With an advanced transport network, including one of the busiest airports and the second-busiest railway station in Germany, visiting and navigating through Frankfurt becomes a breeze.

When to visit Frankfurt

Frankfurt exhibits a temperate climate all year round, bringing each season to life in this beautiful city. To experience Frankfurt in full bloom, visit during the spring (April to June), when parks and gardens vibrantly awaken and present a perfect backdrop for family outings and picnics.

Autumn (September to October) sees the city dive into a cultural fiesta with events like the renowned Frankfurt Book Fair and the Apple Wine Festival, making it an ideal time for both families and cultural enthusiasts. As a top holiday destination, Frankfurt gets quite busy during the summer months (July and August) so, if you prefer a more relaxed pace with less crowds, spring and autumn are the best periods to explore this magnificent city.

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