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Embrace the charm of one of the most complete medieval cities in the UK - Norwich - teeming with ancient buildings and cobbled streets that add to its historic allure. This cathedral city, located on the gentle curves of River Wensum and nestled comfortably in the heart of Norfolk, is an enticing blend of old-world charm and contemporary allure, with a dash of literary prestige.

Whether you're planning a cosy escape with your partner, a fun-filled trip with the family, or an adventure with friends, Norwich caters to all. From luxury establishments boasting impeccable historical credentials to affordable, family-friendly accommodations, there's something for every budget. So why wait? Unravel the medieval mysteries of Norwich and book your perfect stay with LycaFly today!

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Situated about 100 miles northeast of London, Norwich is a prominent city in East Anglia, bearing the badge of honour as the county town of Norfolk. Dusted with a rich historical tapestry, Norwich owes much of its past to the Iceni tribe and later, to its role as the Roman capital of East Anglia. A large part of its cityscape, including the Norwich Castle, dates back to the glory days following the Norman Conquest, making it a treasure trove for history enthusiasts.

During the Middle Ages, Norwich wore the crown as a hub for the wool trade, establishing broad trading links across Europe, thereby serving as an epicentre for cultural exchange. This prosperous period sowed the seeds of urbanisation and societal change, especially during the 17th-century golden era of the cloth industry. The city's emblem, a castle and a lion, nods towards its royal loyalty during The English Civil War.

Through the ages, Norwich has opened its arms to a tapestry of communities, its cultural richness reflecting the Flemish and Walloon influences that found a welcoming home here. The Norwich Canary, a symbol of the city, was brought to England by the Flemish seeking refuge.

In 2012, Norwich earned the title of being the first UNESCO City of Literature in England, testament to its vibrant community and cultural richness. An immersive experience awaits you – just a click away with LycaFly's range of beautiful accommodations.

When to visit Norwich

The British weather may be somewhat unpredictable, but Norwich stays stunning throughout the year. The warmest months in Norwich fall between June and September, making the city an ideal summer escape. Immerse yourself in the hubbub of this vibrant city, relish an evening river cruise, or amble along the cobbled streets under the generous summer sun.

However, if you prefer a more tranquil experience with fewer tourists, January, February and March offer cooler temperatures but equally exciting activities. Bundle up for bracing walks along the winding River Wensum or explore the rich tapestry of history and culture Norwich offers in a cosy pub or restaurant.

Remember, every month brings with it a unique facet of Norwich, so lace up your adventure shoes and let LycaFly guide you to your perfect stay in this captivating city.

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