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Istanbul, a city flourishing on two continents and embraced by the Bosporus Strait, is as diverse as the eras that have played out upon its storied streets. Bursting with a rich historical background and teeming with a vibrancy that eclipses other metropolises, it provides the perfect destination for couples, families and friends alike, catering to various budget types.

Whether you seek opulence in the heart of historic Sultanahmet, a budget-friendly stay close to buzzing Taksim Square, or a family retreat near the shores of the Bosporus, Istanbul's hotels truly capture the pulsating spirit of this city. Embrace the contrast of Istanbul and unearth the perfect base for your grand Turkish escape with LycaFly today.

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Situated at the crossroads of East and West, Istanbul delights with its blend of ancient and modern. This Turkish gem was founded as Byzantium by Greek settlers, saw its glory days as Constantinople, the capital of the Roman Empire, and experienced a new dawn under the Ottoman Sultanate. Through each epoch, Istanbul emerged as a vital centre for trade, culture, and religion.

Recognised worldwide for its significant value, its historic centre, pockmarked with relics from different eras, has been deemed a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Fall beneath the spell of the Aya Sofia's architectural splendour, glimpse the Ottoman life in opulent Topkapi Palace, or soak in the sights from Galata tower. This city of domes and minarets has preserved the essence of its diverse historical quilt, simultaneously brimming with a modern vigour imbued with a rich tapestry of cultures.

When to visit Istanbul

As Istanbul adorns different shades with the changing of seasons, it invariably adds to the charm of the city. Summer attracts tourists from all around the globe, seeing a surge in prices and longer queues. However, sharing company with the bustling crowds does lend a different rhythm to the experience.

A more serene Istanbul experience can be enjoyed during spring and autumn, aside from offering a myriad of cultural events and festivals. For those in fond of outdoor activities, October and November extend a perfect opportunity to wander unhindered through the city's colourful streets and vibrant bazaars. Regardless of when you choose to visit, Istanbul promises to make it worthwhile and unique in its own way.

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