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Known for its storied cobblestone streets, links to the legendary Robin Hood, and industry-rich history, Nottingham opens a door to the pageant of the past, all while boasting a contemporary twist. This East Midlands city offers a spectrum of accommodations catering to every budget and traveller type—from quaint bed and breakfasts to swanky five-star hotels—making it an ideal destination for families, couples, or friends.

Here in Nottingham, you'll find the perfect mix of old and new - a castle juxtaposed with modern architecture, age-old pubs alongside spirited coffee shops, and vintage boutiques bordering big-name shops. Whether you're in search of a luxury suite with idyllic views of the Trent River or an economic, family-friendly hotel close to the city's attractions, you're sure to find your perfect fit with Lycafly.

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Steeped in rich history, Nottingham is an enticing blend of heritage and modern dynamism. Located approximately 110 miles north-west of London, this city, with Anglo-Saxon origins, has made its mark with its lace-making, bicycle, and tobacco industries. Today, its economic prowess makes it the seventh-largest metropolitan economy in the UK. This bustling city is also a recognised 'City of Literature' by UNESCO, a testament to its thriving intellectual and cultural horizon.

With professional football, rugby, ice hockey, and cricket teams calling Nottingham home, the city is rightfully named the 'Home of English Sport'. Home to the historic Trent Bridge cricket ground and the world's oldest professional football club, Notts County, sports enthusiasts will find no shortage of thrilling events to enjoy. Nottingham also houses three universities, further enhancing its spirited and youthful ambiance.

When to visit Nottingham

The best time to visit Nottingham is from July to September. These summer months offer pleasant weather perfectly complementing Nottingham's vibrant outdoor lifestyle. This period, however, is also the rainiest time of the year; hence, make sure to pack a cosy jacket and umbrella for those passing showers. January and February are the coldest months, adding a magical white coating to the city.

Prices for hotels peak in September, so make sure you book in advance with Lycafly to secure the best deals. Despite the changeable British weather, Nottingham's rich history, vast sporting landscape, and thriving arts scene make it a great place to visit year-round. Explore and embrace Nottingham's unique blend of tradition and modernity, whatever the season may be.

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