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Uncover the mesmerising beauty of Marmaris, a captivating port city nestled in the beguiling Muğla Province of southwest Turkey. This holiday destination, dotted with sun-drenched coastlines and stunning resorts, packs a punch with its vibrancy and the warm embrace of Mediterranean hospitality.

Whether you're a family longing for seaside fun, a couple yearning for tranquil sunsets, or a group of friends ready for some lively nightlife, we have just the right hotel for you. From lavish resorts to budget-friendly accommodations, look for the perfect place to rest and recharge on your Marmaris adventure with Lycafly today.

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Marmaris, a shimmering gem in Turkey's tourism crown, draws its lifeblood from the thriving tourist industry. The city, framed by two intersecting sets of mountains, paints a picturesque tableau with its azure seas and vibrant bazaars.

Immersed in a fusion of Mediterranean and Aegean culture, this corner of Turkey is an unmissable haven for those seeking a blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and sun-soaked holidays. From exploring the sprawling Marmaris National Park to setting sail on a yacht tour around the beautiful bay, there's no end to the possibilities that await you here.

When to visit Marmaris

The alluring city of Marmaris basks under a Mediterranean sun, drenching it with hot summers and imparting it with mild, pleasant winters. For those sun worshippers among us who revel in the warm embrace of the Mediterranean, Marmaris is best visited between June and September.

In particular, July stands out as the hottest month, with temperatures often soaring to a scorching 35°C, and the sea remains a warm, inviting blue even until November with temperatures above 23°C. So, pack your swimming gear and prepare for sunny days on the beach when you plan your trip with Lycafly. Our website provides travel advice, cracking holiday deals and information about similar sunny paradises you might want to explore.

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