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Uncover the charms of Brighton, the vibrant seaside resort known for its quirky allure, cultural hub, and open-minded spirit. Famed for Georgian grandeur and Victorian masterpieces, this city is a delightful blend of old-world charm meets modern eccentricity, unravelling a panorama as diverse as its populace. Sushi by the sea, shopping in The Lanes, or simply soaking in the lively atmosphere, Brighton caters to all tastes and preferences.

Whether you're eyeballing a budget-friendly B&B for a weekend jaunt, a lavish hotel for a romantic escape or a family-friendly resort with all the trimmings, Brighton opens a plethora of choices. Begin your Brighton journey by finding the ideal accommodation with Lycafly today.

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Fondly titled as the "Queen of Watering Places" and "London-by-the-Sea", Brighton stays true to its regal epithets. Rooted in the Bronze Age and shaped by Roman and Anglo-Saxon influences, Brighton, as it stands today, is a charming tapestry of history and youthful vivacity. From its illustrious Georgian era when it blossomed into a chic seaside resort, attracting patrons for its healing sea-baths, to the Victorian Age that witnessed monumental additions like the Royal Pavilion and Grand Hotel, Brighton's evolution has been riveting.

Today, with Brighton and Hove being an independent authority since 1997 and a city since 2000, it proudly represents itself as the "unofficial gay capital of the UK". Harbouring an eclectic community, numerous shopping havens, and an enviable cultural scene, its unique spirit is captured in its diverse social landscape. Despite its humbler areas that grapple with homelessness and deprivation, measures are in place to uplift these sections, showcasing Brighton's inherent inclusivity ethos.

When to visit Brighton

Visiting Brighton is an enchanting experience at any time of the year, but the city experiences its most idyllic weather between June and October. These warm summer and early autumn months facilitate sunny strolls along the promenade and cheerful frolics on the pebbly beach. July to September marks the peak of the warm phase, inviting a blissful exploration of the various sights the city has to offer.

Those who relish the chill of winter, though, can opt for a stay during January and February when the city languishes in its coldest period. For the rain-washed lovers, the months between October to December, and January sprinkles the city with ample showers. And if swimming is on the agenda, then mark your calendar for September, deemed as the best month for a dip in the cool waters of Brighton.

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