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A city that blends historic charm and contemporary dynamism, Valencia is a captivating Spanish destination bursting with vibrant life. This Mediterranean jewel is dotted with a cornucopia of accommodations, whether you're seeking a luxurious resort with sea views, a budget-friendly guesthouse in the city's historic heart, or a modern apartment ideal for families or friends.

Let Lycafly be your guide to the best places to stay in this enchanting city. Uncover a wide array of options to suit every budget and preference, allowing you to soak up Valencia's unique blend of tradition and modernity at your own pace.

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Steeped in history, Valencia stands as a testament to Spain's rich and varied past. With origins dating back to 138 BC as a Roman colony, it later rose to prominence in the 15th century through flourishing trade networks. Valencia's unique cultural tapestry is woven from threads of Roman, Muslim, and Christian influences. In the 18th century, the city attained considerable affluence as a noteworthy silk manufacturing hub.

Today, Valencia teems with vibrancy, from its bustling port—the second busiest on the Mediterranean Sea—to its expansive historic centre, one of the largest in Spain. Its famed traditions, such as the Falles festival, encapsulate the city's enduring appeal, earning it UNESCO intangible cultural heritage status in 2016.

When to visit Valencia

Visiting Valencia offers a glimpse into its alluring climate, offering more than 300 sunny days a year. This Mediterranean city infuses each season with its unique charm. It pulses with life and excitement throughout the year, staging an array of cultural events and festivals.

The high season showcases Valencia in all its sun-soaked glory, albeit with slightly higher accommodation rates. However, even the colder months carry a certain appeal, promising affordable lodging and a more relaxed dining experience. January, for example, might be quiet elsewhere in Europe, but it is culturally vibrant in Valencia, featuring the captivating Three Kings parade and festivities.

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