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From the iconic university colleges that dot its skyline to the meandering River Thames offering the quintessential British punting experience, Oxford is a city that engages the senses. As the cradle of academia and knowledge, Oxford offers an array of lodging options that complements its charming architecture and captivating history.

Whether you're a couple seeking a romantic boutique hotel tucked away in a historic enclave, a family looking for a comfortable stay near the city's attractions, or a group of friends seeking an affordable yet cosy abode, Oxford has it all. Let Lycafly help you discover the perfect accommodation for your Oxford escapade.

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Nestled amidst the dreamy spires of Oxfordshire lies the historic city of Oxford. As the seat of the oldest university in the English-speaking world, the city carries the weight of millennia within its city walls. Home to 162,100 residents as of the 2021 census and situated approximately 56 miles northwest of London, Oxford is a thriving hub blending rich history and modern innovation.

The city's roots trace back to Saxon settlements and it rose to prominence during the Norman period. Oxford played a significant role during the English Civil War and housed the court of Charles I. It not only serves as an academic haven but extends its contributions to industries like motor manufacturing, education, publishing, information technology, and science.

Oxford's compact city centre, radiating from Carfax, boasts a delightful melange of streets like Cornmarket Street, Queen Street, St Aldate's, and The High Street, all teeming with activity. Offering an interesting contrast is the Oxford Green Belt, protecting the city from urban sprawl and safeguarding the surrounding rural areas.

Be it the architectural finesse of the University colleges, the stunning vistas from Carfax Tower, the myriad offerings of the Covered Market, or punting along the serene Thames and Cherwell, Oxford packs an impressive portfolio of attractions.

With shopping centres like the Clarendon Centre and Westgate Centre and the historical legacy of brewing adding another dimension to its charm, Oxford truly is a city offering an enriching experience. It's well-connected by air, train and bus routes, and offers an efficient smartcard payment system for buses—completing its all-encompassing appeal.

When to visit Oxford

Oxford graces its visitors with a temperate maritime climate, offering good weather predominantly from June through September. These months provide ample sunshine for a soothing punting experience on the Thames, languid walks along Queen Street or a leisurely exploration of Oxford University.

The warmth of July and August proves perfect for enjoying the city's parks and outdoor attractions. Be prepared for spells of rainfall, as Oxford's climate ensures precipitation throughout the year, especially during May, June, July, August, October, and November. What’s more, the rain often heightens the beauty of the ancient cityscape, making it an even more picturesque sight to behold.

Despite the city bustling with tourists during the high season from May to October, the enchanting city of Oxford promises a memorable journey, regardless of the season. Be it the heart of summer or the depths of winter, every visit to Oxford stitches together fragments of history, innovation, culture, and serene beauty.

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