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A vibrant blend of culture, historical landmarks and an urban charm that's uniquely its own, San Francisco promises a smorgasbord of experiences for every traveller. This bustling Californian metropolis buzzes day and night, with its iconoclastic Golden Gate Bridge, historic Alcatraz, electric cable cars and the enticing labyrinth of streets that is Chinatown.

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Populated by over 808,437 residents as of 2022, San Francisco is the commercial, financial, and cultural heartbeat of Northern California. As the fourth most populous city in California, it's richly woven with a blend of economic activity and the arts and sciences, driven by high-tech, healthcare, finance, insurance, real estate, and professional services sectors. The city’s comprehensive transportation network ensures it's wonderfully connected for all adventurers.

When to visit San Francisco

San Francisco's charms blossom most vividly during the summer months of June to September. If warmer climes and the buzz of tourist attractions tickle your fancy, aim to visit in June or September. This timing perfectly aligns with many family-friendly events, relaxing picnics in the legendary Golden Gate Park, and engaging visits to the San Francisco Zoo.

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