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Welcome to Gloucester, a city that harmoniously blends its rich Roman foundations with a thriving modern vibe. Nestled between the Cotswolds and the Forest of Dean, this jewel of the South West promises more than what meets the eye. From the grandeur of Gloucester Cathedral to the charming waterways of its port, every corner unfurls a new story.

Whether you're a history enthusiast pining for a glimpse into medieval life, a couple yearning for a romantic riverside retreat, or a family seeking a fun-filled holiday, Gloucester has something perfect for you. So, why wait? Discover a variety of budget-friendly or luxury accommodations for your Gloucester adventure with Lycafly today.

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Founded by the Romans in AD 97, Gloucester’s historical pedigree is indisputably rich. The city quickly earned importance and became an integral Roman colony and then later, a key player during the turbulent times of the First English Civil War. It's hard to miss the city's shining light, the Gloucester Cathedral, an architectural masterpiece and the final resting place of King Edward II.

Lying on the River Severn, Gloucester boasts a bustling port that’s connected to the Severn Estuary through the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal. This significant waterway adds a different dimension to the city’s charm. Today, Gloucester is a vibrant hotspot for financial, research, and industrial sectors, reflecting its adaptability through the times.

From important historical events like the convening of Parliament by Richard II in 1378 to the execution of Bishop John Hooper, Gloucester's journey is rich and varied. Plus, annual events like Gloucester Day offer an intriguing peak into the city's proud history and dynamic culture.

When to visit Gloucester

If you're lured by the prospect of pleasant weather and outdoor exploration, plan your visit between May and September when Gloucester basks in the warmth of the sun. Expect temperatures to reach highs of 73.3°F (22.9°C) by late July, making it the perfect time to amble around the city’s impressive sites or enjoy a river cruise.

For those seeking quieter travel periods, winter months could be ideal. Although tourist numbers drop during this time, the potential for a dusting of snow in February transforms the city into a magical winter wonderland. No matter the season, Gloucester’s allure remains unchanging, giving visitors a memorable experience, whenever they choose to visit.

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