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With its grand stature and rich history, Dublin Airport, or Aerfort Bhaile Átha Cliath, offers a fascinating beginning or end to your Irish adventure. Conveniently located just 7 km from Dublin city centre, it's a hub of activity and a gateway to discovering the Emerald Isle's many charms.

With Lycafly, you'll find numerous hotels near Dublin Airport, suiting all kinds of travellers' needs. Whether you're a family looking for ease and proximity, a couple longing for luxury, or friends seeking budget-friendly accommodation, we have your perfect match. It's time to book your stay and experience the heart of Ireland like never before.

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Dublin Airport, pulsating with over 32.9 million passengers in its busiest year, 2019, stands proud as the 12th busiest airport in Europe and Ireland's busiest. It also holds the mantle for having the largest traffic levels on the island of Ireland. Home to the Irish flag carrier, Aer Lingus, and Ryanair, Europe's largest, low-cost carrier, it caters to travellers from all walks of life and all corners of the globe.

A trip back in time will reveal Dublin Airport’s wartime roots before evolving into an international hub for travel. Today, the airport boasts a substantial short and medium-haul network and a significant long-haul network focusing on North America and the Middle East. The airport's impressive range also includes 31 intercontinental destinations, from the tantalising East Asia to the vibrant Sub-Saharan Africa.

Offering a unique experience to US-bound passengers, Dublin Airport facilitates United States border preclearance services, one of only two airports in Europe to offer this facility. The journey through Dublin Airport is more than air travel; it's a piece of Irish history, a tale of remarkable growth and resilience.

When to visit Dublin Airport

Dublin Airport, usually buzzing with families and travellers year-round, due to the mild Irish climate, sees a special charm unfold with the change of seasons. The spring months of April and May seem to bring out its best with longer daylight hours for outdoor activities. The summer, ripe with festivals and warm weather, opens a whole new array of reasons to visit from June to August.

Autumn paints the surrounding areas of the airport in hues of red and gold, inviting travellers for scenic drives and walks during September and October. Even the winter sees its fair share of excitement with festive lightings from November to February. Whether catching a plane or returning from a holiday, every visit to Dublin Airport offers the opportunity to experience a slice of Ireland's distinct charm.

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