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Lying in the heart of County Kerry, Tralee is a vibrant Irish town brimming with enchantment and charm. As the largest town in the county, Tralee offers a plethora of experiences – historical attractions, splendid festivals, and inviting Irish hospitality. Immerse yourself in the striking contrast of ancient landscapes and lively modernity that creates the unique character of Tralee.

Whether you desire a quiet countryside inn, a comfortable family-run B&B, or the plushness of an upscale resort, Tralee's variety caters to all tastes and budgets. Uncover the Gaelic gem that is Tralee and find your perfect accommodation through LycaFly today.

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Originally founded by Anglo-Normans in the 13th century, Tralee holds an intriguing historical past. It thrived under the protection of Tralee Castle, built by the Earls of Desmond, despite the town being burnt in retribution for the Desmond Reigns against Elizabeth I. Tralee made its mark in history once again by receiving a royal charter from Elizabeth I in 1587. The architectural layout as we know it today was moulded in the 19th century with the completion of Denny Street.

A town full of stories, Tralee is perhaps best known for its annual Rose of Tralee International Festival. Celebrated since 1959 and encapsulating the spirit of the town, the festival stands as an emblem of the community and its history. Public transport through National Primary and Secondary roads and other local routes by bus or train ensures accessibility around Tralee and its key sites. Kerry Airport, a short distance from the town, also provides international connectivity with flights to Dublin, London, and Frankfurt.

When to visit Tralee

The ideal time to visit Tralee is between July and September when the town blossoms with amiable weather conditions and the renowned Rose of Tralee Festival. Favourable weather coincides with the least chances of significant rainfall, particularly in June, April, and September. As a winter surprise, the possibility of snowfall looms around mid-December, adding a magical touch to the town. Despite July being the busiest with tourism activities, Tralee maintains a welcoming ambience that is safe and enjoyable all round the year. So go ahead, drench yourself in Tralee's history, culture, and charm for an unforgettable holiday experience.

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