Antigua Holidays

Immerse yourself in unrivalled Caribbean beauty as you venture to Antigua, an island paradise adorned with azure blue waters and pristine white sandy beaches stretching for miles. This renowned holiday destination thrives in captivating the hearts of its wayfarers with its colonial reminiscences, extraordinary natural spectacles, and a richly diverse culture.

Whether it's an all-inclusive beach holiday, a romantic escape, or a fun-packed family trip, Antigua caters to every whim and preference. Alongside its luxurious resorts, the island offers abundant adventure activities, from sailing, diving, to exploring the rainforest, making it the perfect locale for travellers seeking both relaxation and exhilaration. Regardless of your budget, Antigua promises an unforgettable journey awash with sun-drenched days, tropical bliss, and alluring attractions.

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Explore a potpourri of holiday experiences beautifully stitched together on this resplendent island. From the historic allure of Nelson's Dockyard to the bewitching beauty of Dickenson Bay, discover the best of Antigua and why it remains a favourite amongst discerning holidaymakers.

St. John's

As Antigua’s capital, St. John's serves up a delightful blend of cultural attractions, vibrant markets, and colonial architecture. Don't miss the city's iconic skyline marked by the twin spires of St. John's Cathedral, or a shopping spree in Heritage and Redcliffe Quay.

Dickenson Bay

If you yearn for sparkling waters and sandy retreats, Dickenson Bay is just the ticket. It’s a favourite amongst beach enthusiasts, proffering a gamut of watersports, plush resorts and an lively nightlife.

English Harbour

Immerse yourself in the past with a visit to English Harbour. Home to the historically rich Nelson's Dockyard National Park, this locale offers a peek into Antigua's maritime history and its colonial past.

Half Moon Bay

For those seeking tranquillity away from bustling crowds, Half Moon Bay is perfect. Preserving its natural Caribbean charm, it offers a serene, idyllic beach experience, making it popular amongst couples and those chasing solitude.

Betty's Hope

This historic sugar plantation is testament to Antigua's poignant past. Taste local rum, explore traditional windmills, and learn about the island’s colonial history, making it a must-visit for history buffs.

Where to Stay

From secluded hideaways to thriving hotspots, Antigua offers a plethora of places to base your stay, catering to friends, families and couples alike. Discover the destinations within the island that will perfectly complement your holiday style.

For a Family Holiday

If a family-friendly spot is what you're after, Jolly Harbour is your go-to. With its extensive variety of villas, entertainment options and accessible amenities, it guarantees a hassle-free vacation for families. For water-sport loving families, Dickenson Bay offers plenty of fun activities in safe swimming conditions.

For a Couples Holiday

When planning an intimate escape for two, look no further than Cocobay Resort in Valley Church. Offering breath-taking vistas, private beachside cottages and an adult-only policy, it is the perfect spot for a romantic retreat. The secluded beaches at Half Moon Bay also provide a tranquil setting perfect for couples.

For a Holiday With Friends

For a stay packed with action and camaraderie, the vivacious Long Bay promises an exciting blend of beachside activities and nightlife. For a more serene gathering, the quaint Five Islands Village with its intimate beach coves and plush resorts serves as an excellent base to regroup and relax.

When to Visit

Seizing a tropical climate, Antigua is a year-round destination perfection. However, the dry season from December to April, despite the busy crowds, offers idyllic weather conditions for a worry-free beach holiday or to participate in the island's vibrant carnival festivities.

Between May to November, the island is quieter with lower prices, though occasional rainfall may occur. Hurricane season runs from June to November, but precise predictions and warnings help ensure visitor safety. So choose wisely, but remember, the enchanting allure of the island never wanes.

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