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Trapped between the spectacular Penken and Ahorn mountains and boasting an intoxicating blend of seasonal sports, Mayrhofen, a charming town in the Zillertal valley of Austria, offers a banquet of activities that can transform a typical trip into an extraordinary adventure.

From paragliding over picturesque landscapes to experiencing the adrenaline rush of swooshing down Austria's steepest piste, Harakiri, this delightful town also offers a vibrant shopping scene, cosy family-run inns and a colourful cultural diary highlighted by the annual Snowbombing music festival. Mayrhofen is truly a slice of Alpine paradise that caters to every traveller's whim.

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Things to See and Do

Whether you're an adrenaline-seeker aiming to test your skiing skills or a calmer soul who prefers the sedate pace of hiking, Mayrhofen offers a tapestry of experiences that weave together relaxation and excitement within the grandeur of its natural beauty. Here are five unmissable sights and activities to get the most out of this amazing Alpine gem.

Venture to the Stillup Wasserfall

Experience the enchanting sight of water cascading down the verdant mountains as you make your way to Stillup Wasserfall. This mesmerising waterfall is best visited in the summer months, and the toll fee well worth the resulting stunning photography opportunities.

Absorb the views from Filzenkogel

Prepare for a lighter hike at Filzenkogel, a family-friendly trail ideal for those with young children. End your hike with a hearty meal at a local taverna, while drinking in splendid panoramas of Zillertal Valley below.

Explore Mayrhofen-Hippach

Embrace the charming blend of skiing, biking, climbing and paragliding in Mayrhofen-Hippach. Accessible and loaded with great accommodation options, it's the perfect family-friendly destination.

Excite your senses on the slopes of Penken

Try your hand at tackling Austria's steepest piste, Harakiri, located on Penken mountain, or choose from a wide range of runs for varying difficulty levels. Either way, prepare for an exhilarating skiing experience.

Embrace the thrill of the Snowbombing festival

Immerse yourself in the sound waves of Mayrhofen's annual Snowbombing festival. This musical extravaganza, held every spring, is a high-energy counterpoint to the tranquillity of the surrounding snow-capped peaks.

Destination Essentials

Much like the array of activities on offer, the ideal time to visit Mayrhofen largely depends on your preferred method of adventure. For winter sports enthusiasts, the period from January to March offers exciting ski adventures on powder-laden slopes.

However, if hiking or mountain biking are more your style, consider visiting from May to August when the weather is warm, and the landscapes are bursting with life. With moderate temperatures and relatively low precipitation, November, March, and December also present an excellent window for travellers not inclined to either extreme.

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