Crofton Holidays

Nestled on the eastern coastline of Vancouver Island, Crofton, Canada is a hidden gem. This quaint, family-friendly town is stepped in natural beauty, offering an enchanting blend of outdoor activities and historical attractions, perfect for a restful family getaway.

From gentle walks through serene parks to hands-on educational experiences in conservation centres, plus an assortment of coastal fun, Crofton is a town that promises both relaxation and adventure. With its welcoming local community, captivating scenery and fascinating attractions, your visit to Crofton is sure to be an unforgettable family holiday.

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Things to See and Do

Crofton is a haven for nature lovers and families seeking some quiet time amidst tranquil landscapes. The town offers an entire catalogue of family-friendly attractions that exemplify its rich heritage and stunning natural beauty. Here, we explore some of Crofton's must-visit attractions.

Waterwheel Park

Head straight to Waterwheel Park, a delightful space known for its historic waterwheel and beautiful gardens.

Osborne Bay Regional Park

Witness the charm of Osborne Bay Regional Park, a perfect spot for picnics and nature-spotting, and take advantage of beach access for some warm summer dips.

Pacific Northwest Raptors

For an educational twist to your trip, visit the Pacific Northwest Raptors, a bird of prey conservation centre that allows intimate experiences with these majestic creatures.

Crofton's Seaside Promenade

The beauty of Crofton's seaside promenade is certainly not to be missed either.

Crofton Lake or Mount Brenton Nature Park

Finally, no trip to Crofton would be complete without spending a day at Crofton Lake or Mount Brenton Nature Park for some outdoor sports fun.

Food and Drink

Relish the essence of local Canadian cuisine in Crofton. Uncover the delicate flavours, fresh ingredients, and culinary prowess of the town through its range of eateries and local specials.

Local Fish and Chips

Begin your food journey with the local fish and chips – a dish that celebrates Crofton’s coastal setting, best enjoyed by the seaside.

Nanaimo Bar

For those with a sweet tooth, try the Nanaimo Bar, a traditional Canadian dessert you'll find in local cafés.

Okanagan Wine

Chase everything down with a glass of British Columbia's own Okanagan wine at a local restaurant.


Or, if you find yourself in a bustling farmer's market, don't miss out on yummy bannock – a native bready delight served hot and fresh.

Local Microbrewery

Finally, explore the craft beer scene at a local microbrewery to get a real taste of Crofton.

Destination Essentials

The best time to visit Crofton, Canada for a family outing is during the summer months of July and August. The weather is warm and sunny, encouraging all sorts of outdoor activities. Cyclists, hikers, and nature lovers can indulge their adventure side with biking, hiking, and fishing. Additionally, the town hosts a variety of family events and festivals, including the much-loved Crofton Days, that come to life in the summer.

However, if you fancy avoiding the crowd and want to enjoy a quiet, serene time with your family, the shoulder seasons of late spring and early autumn are ideal. Whichever time you choose to visit, Crofton is sure to serve up a delightful and memorable family holiday.

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