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A unique combination of urban enterprise and natural beauty, Scarborough, Toronto's eastern district, offers a cornucopia of sights and experiences. Named after its English counterpart, Scarborough has become a hub of multiculturalism and a popular destination for new immigrants in Canada, enhancing its charm and vibrancy.

Scarborough's appeal covers a wide spectrum, from natural assets like the Scenic Scarborough Bluffs and the Rouge River to the cultural richness embodied in its many religious sites and neighbourhoods. Here, the city meets the countryside and the East meets the West – the perfect recipe for an unforgettable visit.

Things to See and Do

Scarborough is far from short on attractions and pursuits. The district blends history, nature, and a diverse cultural scene into a synergy of experiences for all ages. From serene parks and intriguing museums to an extensive array of interesting locales, Scarborough promises a medley of attractions to keep you engaged and inspired.

Revel in the natural beauty of Thomson Memorial Park

Set against the backdrop of the lush West Highland Creek, the 41.8-hectare Thomson Memorial Park is a refreshing urban green space. Traverse walking paths, challenge yourself with outdoor fitness, or enjoy a pleasant family picnic. The park's tranquillity and facilities present an idyllic retreat amidst the urban jungle.

Examine local history at the Scarborough Museum

Showcasing the evolution of Scarborough from its Indigenous roots, the Scarborough Museum provides a fascinating journey into the past. From engaging events to insightful exhibitions, the museum presents a unique slice of Canadian history blended with interactive enjoyment.

Discover wildlife at East Point Park

East Point Park, a renowned staging area for monarch butterflies and numerous bird species, offers an environmental refuge next to Lake Ontario. Explore various ecosystems and lush plant life along the trails, adding a sylvan dimension to your Scarborough experience.

Unwind at Bluffer's Park Beach

Home to a lovely sandy beach and dramatic views of the Scarborough Bluffs, Bluffer's Park Beach is the perfect place for a tranquil day off. Whether you fancy a picnic, a boat ride, or simply need a beautiful landscape for a leisurely walk, this beach has it all.

Indulge in a city beach day at Sugar Beach

This urban beach park showcases striking designs with its ornamental lighting and granite-sett amphitheatre. Located in downtown Toronto, Sugar Beach provides an enticing space for social activities and relaxation alike.

Destination Essentials

Scarborough is a year-round destination, it has a moderate climate influenced heavily by the proximity to Lake Ontario. However, to make the best out of the warmer weather, a visit from late June to early September would be ideal. The weather is perfect for exploring the numerous outdoor attractions and the beaches.

However, when planning your trip, remember that July is the hottest month, while January is the coldest. Full of picturesque parks, welcoming communities, and a rich blend of culture, every season offers a different perspective of Scarborough. Whether you're enthralled by natural beauty, cosmopolitan charms, or historical intrigue, Scarborough promises a memorable and rewarding trip.

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