Christmas Island Holidays

In the heart of the Indian Ocean, you'll find an island of unique character, Christmas Island. Globe-trotters and holidaymakers alike head to this region's celestial realm for an exotic getaway. An untouched paradise for families spotting to create immortal memories, a haven for friends desiring a different type of holiday, or an idyllic setting for couples seeking a cherished romantic retreat. All budgets are catered for, from the modest to the extravagant. Christmas Island's allure includes an astounding array of wildlife, pristine beaches, immersive hikes, and a pacifying tranquillity rarely found elsewhere.


Christmas Island, with its lush rainforests, coral reefs and culture-rich settlements, offers a wealth of choice. From the bustling township of Settlement to the peaceful palms of Dolly Beach, there's a destination on Christmas Island to suit everyone.

The Settlement

As the main residential area, The Settlement is a great starting point for your Christmas Island adventure. Get to know locals, enjoy Asian-inspired cuisine, and relish in the island's laid-back way of life.

Dolly Beach

Ranked one of the world’s best beaches, tranquil Dolly Beach is perfect for families or couples seeking a serene day under the palms. Be prepared for the occasional red crab crossing or a visit from a friendly turtling.

The Dales

An exquisite strip of land hosting Christmas Island's emblematic rainforest, the Dales is a must-visit. Capture enchanting flora and fauna on your camera while you hike its trails.

Christmas Island National Park

Taking up over 60% of the island, this park offers walking trails, bird-watching spots and an astonishing array of wildlife, making it a hotspot for nature and adventure enthusiasts.

Flying Fish Cove

A hub of marine life activity, this bay is perfect for snorkelling, diving, or simply lazing away the beach days while watching the flying fish leap in the warm cerulean waters.

Where to Stay

From the main town area with its locally run guesthouses to tranquil beach huts nestled away from the hustle, there's no shortage of grand places to lay your head in Christmas Island.

For a family holiday

Families may wish to base their holiday in The Settlement, where grocery stores, restaurants and amenities are within easy reach. The family-friendly, fully equipped cottages offer a comfortable stay.

For a couples holiday

For couples craving a luxurious stay, a choice of premium eco-lodges is available, each offering an individual balcony from which you can enjoy a private tropical sunset.

For a holiday with friends

Choosing between a cluster of well-located, self-catering apartments in The Settlement area or a serene, beach-side glampsite will ensure a memorable holiday with friends on Christmas Island.

When to Visit

A tropical climate ensures Christmas Island’s weather is consistently warm and inviting. However, to witness the astonishing red crab migration, your best visit window is between October and November. On the other hand, July to August brings a steady stream of migrating Whalesharks, making it a perfect time for marine life enthusiasts. To enjoy milder weather and fewer crowds, plan your visit during December to April. Regardless of when you visit, Christmas Island’s charm remains endless throughout the year.

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