Comoros Holidays

Located in the heart of the Indian Ocean, the archipelago of Comoros offers an exclusive exotic island retreat with an irresistible blend of pristine beaches, lush mountains, and a rich cultural tapestry. An absolute delight for couples seeking a romantic hideaway, families desirous of an exotic holiday or friends craving adventure, Comoros presents a profoundly beautiful off-the-beaten-track holiday experience. While mindful of your pocket, frame your journey with a remarkable engagement with the locals, a dive into vibrant marine life, a trek through glorious landscapes, or simply savour the pure serenity of the island life.


From serene beach destinations to historical wonders, the enchanting splendour of Comoros captivates the senses at every corner. Here are some of the prime locations you should consider for your Comorian escapade.


As the capital city, Moroni offers a mix of busy marketplaces, charming historical streets dotted with aromatic spice stalls, and the grandeur of the Badjanani Mosque. The city offers an exciting fusion of African, Arab, and French cultures and cuisines.

Grande Comore

For an island adventure, consider Grande Comore. Home to active volcanic Mt. Karthala and idyllic beaches lined with coconut trees. It serves as the perfect escape for those looking for thrilling treks and tranquil seashores alike.


For die-hard nature lovers, the smallest island Moheli exudes an unparalleled allure. Known for its marine park abundant with coral reefs, turtles, and dolphins, Moheli is a beautiful eco-tourism spot perfect for those wanting to immerse themselves in nature.


With its historic stone buildings and maze-like narrow streets, Domoni narrates the history of Comoros. Famous for age-old traditions, folk dances and music, Domoni lets you savour the rich culture of Comoros.


The beautiful northern village of Mitsamiouli is a go-to spot for beach lovers. Known for its beautiful black pearl diving spots and dense green mountains, Mitsamiouli captures the essence of an island paradise.

Where to Stay

Whether you want to indulge in luxury, experience local hospitality or explore vibrant wildlife, doing a bit of research helps. Here are some suggestions for where to stay to make the most out of your Comorian journey.

For a family holiday

Ile de la Lune's (Moon Island's) beautiful beachside villas and bungalows serve as perfect family vacation spots in Comoros. Here, you can have a relaxed sunbathing session on the beach while your kids build sandcastles and enjoy their own island adventure.

For a couples holiday

Rekindle your love in the tribal-styled Itsandra Beach Hotel, located close to the capital, Moroni. Unwind with tropical spa sessions, candlelit beach dinners and stunning views of the ocean right from your balcony.

For a holiday with friends

Stay in one of the beautifully affordable homestays or guesthouses on Grande Comore. These ideal bases of operation offer easy access to hikes up Mt. Karthala, exploration of the capital, Moroni, and unparalleled sea views. Great fun guaranteed for groups of any size.

When to Visit

The Comoros Islands have a tropical climate and are beautiful to visit all year round. However, for the most enjoyable experience, consider visiting between May and November. These are the drier months, with a moderate temperature suitable for exploring the outdoor wonders that the islands offer. From December to April, while the setting remains visually sumptuous, the islands receive heavy rainfall which may hinder outdoor activities. So, pack your bags, the enchanting archipelago of Comoros awaits you.

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