Havana Holidays

Stepping into Havana is like stepping onto a vibrant, colour-splashed canvas that's come to pulsating life. As Cuba's intoxicating capital, this city is a mesmerising blend of history, culture, architecture and sultry salsa rhythms.

From strolling through the well-preserved streets of Old Havana to savouring the lively ambience at the city's countless bustling squares, Havana is guaranteed to serve up a hearty helping of enchantment. You're bound to find the city's allure impossible to resist.

Things to See and Do

Havana brims with a unique, characteristically Cuban verve, and an unparalleled fusion of historically-rich sights and contemporary experiences. Whether you're a history enthusiast, a culture vulture or simply a traveller seeking a bit of adventure, Havana promises a host of attractions sure to make your visit memorable.

El Capitolio

Immerse yourself in the historic grandeur of El Capitolio, a formidable architectural gem reminiscent of Washington’s Capitol Building, and home to the Statue of the Republic, the third-largest indoor statue worldwide.


Lose yourself in the riot of colours at Fusterlandia, the stunning mosaic neighbourhood dreamed up by artist José Fuster two decades ago. Add a memento of your trip with a keepsake from the vibrant stalls of Jaimanitas' workshops.

Museo de la Ciudad

Step back in time at the Museo de la Ciudad, located in the stunning former Capitanes Generales Palace, and delve into Havana's rich history, depicted through a captivating collection of exhibits.

Old Havana

Finally, unleash your inner explorer with a wander through the atmospheric streets of Old Havana, delighting in the charm of a city that seamlessly weaves history into its modern rhythm.

Food and Drink

Witness Havana's cultural past and present collide in its culinary scene, a mouthwatering blend of rich flavours that reflect the city's unique heritage. Havana's foodscape is a delicious journey through time, embodying Cuba's vibrant traditions and modern zest.

Cuban Sandwich

Tuck into an authentic Cuban sandwich, a hearty delicacy traditionally made with roast pork, ham, Swiss cheese and pickles served on fresh Cuban bread.

Ropa Vieja

Follow this with a serving of Ropa Vieja, a delectable dish of slow-cooked shredded beef in a tomato sauce base served with rice.

Flan Cubano

For a tantalisingly sweet end to your meal, dip your spoon into flan Cubano, a sumptuously creamy caramel custard, a treat that is a longstanding Cuban favourite.


And don’t forget to sample the Mojito, a classic Cuban cocktail concocted with white rum, sugar, lime juice, soda water, and fragrant mint. A walk through Plaza Vieja at sunset, Mojito in hand, is surely a Havana essential.

Destination Essentials

To make the most of your Havana escapade, timing is key. From the bustling peak season of November to March, when tourists flock to Cuba to escape the chill of European winters, to the more budget-friendly months of May, June and September, Havana promises a delightful experience year-round.

Visiting between January and February allows you to revel in Havana's undeniable charisma at its prime, without the throngs of tourists that typically fill up the hotspots. And while the high season might mean marginally more expenditure, the thrill of exploring Havana at its liveliest and most vibrant certainly makes every penny worth it.


Not to be outdone by Cuba's more renowned coastal resorts, Havana boasts a selection of stunning beaches, each infused with their own distinctive charm.

Santa Maria del Mar

Start your beach indulgence at Santa Maria del Mar, an 10 km expanse of warm, golden sand and calming blue waters.

Playa Bacuranao

Lend your beach day a bit of urban flair at Playa Bacuranao, an urban haven located a stone's throw away from the city centre, where the bustling city vibes soften into calming coastal rhythms. Furnished with amenities for your utmost convenience, Havana's beaches are the perfect place to unwind, soak up the Caribbean sun and immerse in the mesmerising sea views.

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