Varadero Holidays

Varadero, the dazzling resort town splendidly nestled in the scenic province of Matanzas, Cuba, beckons every discerning traveller with its sun-drenched beaches, vibrant atmosphere, and enticing gastronomy. Guaranteeing an island experience that's off the beaten track, Varadero, one of the Caribbean's largest resort realms, truly enchants its visitors.

With its strands consistently ranked as some of world's best and adventuresome excursions coursing through its veins, this tropical paradigm wheels visitors into its serene vortex. From its historic linings to its rich cultural fiestas, Varadero stands tall as the definitive answer to your Caribbean holiday query.

Things to See and Do

Varadero is a thriving hub, endlessly alluring with vibrant charms and sumptuous offerings all year round. From the verdant greenery of Parque Josone to the rhythmic pulse of the bustling Downtown streets, each corner uncovers a new perspective.

Varadero Activities

Come and bask in Varadero's historic splendour. Wander around the lush gardens of Retiro Josone, a mansion echoing the narratives of inveterate dignitaries, or roam through the bustling shops and cafes of Downtown Varadero. Take a soulful journey into Cuban harmony, embracing the lush landscapes and vibrant cityscapes, while tasting the region's rich flavours.

Varadero Beach and Hicacos Point Natural Park

Revel in Varadero Beach's sunny embrace, dive into the turquoise waters and feel the warmth of the golden Caribbean sands. The Hicacos Point Natural Park, a promising ecological preserve within Varadero's confines, houses natural attractions such as the captivating Cave of Ambrosio and the ruins of the historic La Calavera Salt Works.

Al Capone House, Carman Dominguez's gallery & Casa De La Musica

Allow the rejuvenating ocean breeze to guide you towards the unmissable Al Capone House, Cuban artist Carman Dominguez's gallery or the atmospheric house of music, Casa De La Musica. Let Varadero seduce you with its multi-faceted allure and unforgettable experiences.

Food and Drink

Take your palate on an unforgettable journey as Varadero unveils its enticing culinary secrets. From the rich scents wafting from the open kitchens to the refreshing tang of locally sourced cocktails, there’s a plethora of options to tantalize any gourmand.

Cuban Cuisine

Indulge in tender 'Ropa Vieja', a classic Cuban fare cooked till it falls apart, or revel in a piping hot serving of 'Arroz con Pollo'. Dine on fresh seafood, expertly cooked and seasoned to perfection, as you savour the ocean views. Savour the delicate flavour and textures of 'Yuca con Mojo', a traditional side-dish accompanied by a delectable garlic sauce.

Lechon Asado & Canchánchara

Further explore Cuban fare with a succulent 'Lechon Asado', roast pork marinated in mojito sauce, offering a culinary treat set to ignite your taste buds. Lastly, sip on a glass of 'Canchánchara', a traditional Cuban cocktail to end your culinary adventure on a refreshing note.

Destination Essentials

As a tropical paradise, Varadero enjoys moderate temperature variations all year round, making it an ideal holiday spot in any season. However, to best appreciate its sunny beaches and diverse attractions, visit Varadero between December and March when the weather is at its most settled.

August hits the highest notes in terms of temperature, perfect for sun-seekers and water sport enthusiasts, while January provides a pleasant respite with cooler weather. Also, with warm sea temperatures, the crystal-clear waters are inviting all year round for a refreshing swim. Moreover, the blue skies of November bring the perfect weather for beach-hop or take leisurely strolls along Varadero's picturesque streets.


For beach enthusiasts, Varadero is a paradisiacal haven with its ethereal azure waters, pristine stretches of white sand, and renowned hospitality. Varadero’s coastline is lavishly adorned with a string of breathtaking beaches, each offering unique experiences to its guests.

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