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Jewel of the Caribbean and home to pristine sands and tropical splendour, Puerto Plata awaits to enrapture with its alluring coastal charm. With fascinating history dating back centuries, this vibrant city brims with irresistible character and world-class attractions.

From its first aerial tramway in the Caribbean to its Victorian style buildings nestled amidst the tropical landscape, Puerto Plata is as diverse and exciting as it is relaxed and inviting. Whether you're drawn by history, architecture, indulgent gastronomy or stunning beachside bliss, Puerto Plata, in the Dominican Republic, is an undoubted Caribbean gem that delivers in spades.

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Things to See and Do

Want sun-soaked adventure, cultural exploration, or invigorating fun? Puerto Plata is your ideal destination. From enchanting heritage sites to awe-inspiring natural escapades, this city has it all. Let's unearth the must-see delights of this Caribbean city.

Experience the thrill at Ocean World Adventure Park

Water slides, dolphin encounters and aquatic performances - the Ocean World Adventure Park promises an exciting day for all ages. Spend your afternoon practising your dolphin whispering or plunge into the shark-infested waters for an adrenaline-fueled memory of a lifetime.

Marvel at nature's art at the Amber Museum

Explore the Amber Museum to view its spectacular collection of largely-translucent fossilised tree sap, including a lizard perfectly preserved in amber for millennia. This eye-opening museum offers you an astonishing snapshot of the natural world from millions of years ago.

Ascend to new heights with Puerto Plata Cable Car

Savour the breathtaking panoramic vistas from Puerto Plata's famous cable car as it ascends to the apex of Pico Isabel de Torres. Once at the summit, explore the botanical gardens and natural wonders, and peer over the verdant cityscape below.

Step into history at San Felipe Fort

Explore the historical magnitude of San Felipe Fort, a monument steeped in tales of invasions and pirate escapades. This fort stands witness to the city's tumultuous history, serving as a poignant reminder of Puerto Plata's diverse heritage.

Discover architectural treasures

Take a leisurely stroll around the city and immerse yourself in Puerto Plata's unique character, reflected in the blend of Victorian, traditional, and modern architecture. From vibrant Victorian houses to sleek, modern buildings, every corner promises a fascinating architectural narrative.

Destination Essentials

Puerto Plata enjoys a year-round warm climate, making it an excellent destination for families, solo travellers, or couples seeking a tropical retreat any time of the year. The months of May and June present the ideal combination of moderately high temperatures and lower hotel rates, perfect for comfort and cost-effectiveness.

The city sees a peak in tourism during the sunniest months, promising radiant weather ranging from 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Bear in mind, while November is the most rain-soaked month, the city's vibrancy remains undiminished. With annual events like the Puerto Plata Carnival and the Dominican Republic Jazz Festival, there's always something extraordinary on the horizon.

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