El Salvador Holidays

At the heart of Central America, the captivating country of El Salvador offers varied landscapes bursting with adventure, flavourful cuisine, a vibrant history, and rich cultural experiences. Whether you're a couple seeking an off-the-beaten-track romantic getaway, a family in search of the ultimate beach break or a group of friends looking to explore new horizons, El Salvador caters to all. Boasting much more than what initially meets the eye, this fascinating nation promises value-for-money holidays, from idyllic beach resorts to immersive city breaks. Discover remarkable archaeological sites, impressive volcanoes, colourful markets, pristine beaches and charming colonial towns in this hidden gem of a destination.


El Salvador may be the smallest country in Central America, but it packs a certain punch in terms of fascinating holiday destinations. From historical towns to captivating cities and natural wonders, every corner of El Salvador offers its own unique charm.

San Salvador

The bustling capital, San Salvador, boasts impressive historical sites, vibrant markets, and a dynamic nightlife. Don't miss a chance to see downtown's historic architecture and explore fascinating museums that display the rich history and culture of this thriving city.

Santa Ana

Step into the charm-filled city of Santa Ana, known for its colonial buildings and coffee plantations. One of the main attractions is the Santa Ana Volcano, offering adventurous hikes and stunning panoramic views upon reaching the peak.


Uncover the colonial charm of Suchitoto, a beautiful town often likened to the Antigua of Guatemala. Its cobbled streets, vibrant houses, and arts culture make it a bohemian lover's dream.

La Libertad

For those who live for the waves, the coastal town of La Libertad offers a surfers' paradise. This picturesque beach town is not just famous for its waves, but also for its fresh seafood served in relaxed beach shacks.

Ruta de Las Flores

Five charming colonial towns set amidst coffee plantations form the 'Route of Flowers'. Perfect for nature lovers, this region blooms with flowers, especially between November and February, and offers a scenic driving route with vista points, waterfalls, and artisan markets.

Where to Stay

From city breaks that pulse with energy, to serene escapes within coffee plantations, and blissful beach stays that chime with the sound of tropical waves, El Salvador offers a wealth of fantastic accomodation options for every type of traveller.

For a family holiday

Beach resorts of El Zonte or Sunzal are ideal for families, featuring calm waters and beachside accommodations. If your family enjoys adventure, consider staying close to the Cerro Verde National Park for easy access to hiking trails and volcanoes.

For a couples holiday

For couples seeking a serene getaway, the town of Suchitoto offers quiet colonial charm and beautiful boutique accommodations. For those looking for a beachfront romantic retreat, Sunzal offers luxury resorts that promise intimate surroundings and stunning sea views.

For a holiday with friends

San Salvador is an excellent choice for a friends' holiday. With a myriad of attractions, vibrant nightlife, and a wide range of accommodations to choose from, the capital city caters perfectly to groups. La Libertad is another great option that offers the combination of beach leisure and thrilling water activities.

When to Visit

The best time to visit El Salvador is during the dry season between November and April when the weather is typically sunny and warm. During these months, the temperatures are pleasant, making it a perfect time for sightseeing and beach activities.

The vibrant 'Semana Santa' (Holy Week) in April offers a unique cultural experience, though it's also one of the busier times. To avoid crowds and enjoy cheaper accommodations, the shoulder seasons - May and October – can also be a good choice, though it’s worth noting that this time period is a prelude to the rainy season.

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