Finland Holidays

Known for its breathtaking northern lights, pristine and beautiful landscapes, captivating heritage and a charm that's uniquely its own, Finland offers a truly unforgettable holiday experience. A melting pot of natural beauty and urban sophistication, this Scandinavian darlings waits eagerly to sweep you off your feet.

Whether you're hunting for an awe-inspiring adventure with friends in the wilds of Lapland, seeking a tranquil yet engaging family retreat along the captivating Baltic coast, or planning a romantic escape amidst the captivating charm of archaeological treasures in Turku, Finland will surpass your expectations. For those operating on a modest budget or those looking to splurge, the country is an idyllic haven catering to all holiday types and all purses. So, fasten your seatbelts, because Finland promises a journey replete with enchanting sights, profound culture, and memories to treasure.

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From the mesmerising Helsinki, resplendent with its unique blend of old-world charm and modern poise, to the snowy wilderness of Lapland, the natural splendour of Finnish Lakeland, and the archipelago town of Mariehamn; Finland offers a totality of experiences that are wildly varied and equally captivating. Let us traverse these Finnish gems together.


Helsinki, the vibrant capital of Finland, is a city of beautiful islands and great green parks. A haven for design enthusiasts and a paradise for foodies, Helsinki’s markets, public saunas and architecture provide an eclectic mix of experiences for city break seekers.


For those dreaming of a winter wonderland, Lapland, Finland’s northernmost region, offers an enchanting retreat into the Scandinavian wilderness. View the Northern Lights, meet Santa Claus and sled with reindeer; a trip to Lapland is like stepping into a magical winter fairy-tale.


Turku, the country’s former capital, is a city rich in history and exciting attractions. Its medieval castle, Turku Castle, and the Turku Cathedral are major draws for history enthusiasts in this charming riverside city.

Finnish Lakeland

Home to thousands of pristine blue lakes, Finnish Lakeland offers a serene escape into the heart of nature. Rent a lakeside cottage, try your hand at fishing, boating, or simply soak up the breathtaking landscapes.


Located in the Finnish Archipelago, Mariehamn is a fascinating maritime town. With its charming maritime museum and enchanting beaches, it is the perfect destination for a relaxing beach holiday amidst unspoilt scenic beauty.

Where to Stay

From chic city hotels nestled in the bustling avenues of Helsinki to cosy cottages amid the tranquil Lakeland, from the captivating charm of historic Turku accommodations to the wilderness retreats in Lapland, Finland serves every traveller’s whim and fancy. Let's delve deeper!

For a family holiday

Opt for a family-friendly stay in Helsinki, with great attractions like the Helsinki Zoo and Linnanmäki Amusement Park. For nature-loving families, consider a lakeside retreat in the peaceful Finnish Lakeland.

For a couples holiday

Rekindle romance in the historic city of Turku, boasting illustrious heritage hotels and intimate bed and breakfasts. Broader afield, the breathtaking beauty of Finnish Lakeland offers couples a perfect retreat.

For a holiday with friends

For an adventurous group holiday, consider a trip to Lapland, with ample opportunities for winter sports and wilderness exploration. Alternatively, the charming city of Helsinki offers a vibrant nightlife along with its cultural delights.

When to Visit

Though alluring all year round, Finland is a true winter wonderland from December to February, when one can experience a magical Arctic adventure. However, the serene summers (June-August) captivate visitors with midnight sun and numerous fun-filled festivals across the country. The spring (April- June) and autumn (September-November), are quieter times, offering budget-friendly deals and the opportunity to witness incredible natural phenomena - the Aurora Borealis or the Autumn Foliage in Lapland respectively.

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