Germany Holidays

Germany, with its eclectic mix of cultural treasures, scenic landscapes, fairytale villages and bustling cities, is undoubtedly a gem when it comes to versatile holiday destinations. Whether you're planning an idyllic romance under the Berlin skyline, a rollicking family holiday amidst the towering Bavarian Alps, an adventurous escapade with friends through picturesque vineyards, or a leisurely beach holiday on the shores of the Baltic Sea, Germany promises a smorgasbord of experiences tailored for every taste and budget.

Home to countless historical landmarks, an undeniably vibrant nightlife, and some of the most renowned festivals in the world, this beautiful country promises myriad experiences to satiate the wanderlust of travellers across the globe. Come explore the country that is known to all, yet remains a mystery waiting to be unravelled, offering its guests all the ingredients for a perfect holiday cocktail.


Germany, with its varying landscapes and historic cities, caters to a multitude of holiday preferences. From bustling metropolises steeped in history like Berlin to the tranquil vineyards of the Rhine Valley, here are our top picks of unmissable destinations in Germany.


From the historic Brandenburg Gate to the scenic Spree River, Berlin is a treasure trove of iconic landmarks, cultural experiences and cosmopolitan charm. Whether it's partying in its booming nightlife, soaking up history at Museum Island or enjoying a tranquil boat cruise across the river, Berlin is the city that never fails to enthral.


Twirl through Munich's charming streets and imbibe the boisterous spirit of Bavaria. Famous for Oktoberfest, Munich is sure to quench your thirst for history and beer. Whether it's the bustling Marienplatz, the exotic Englischer Garten or the awe-inspiring Nymphenburg Palace, Munich is a city that effortlessly melds tradition and modernity.

The Black Forest

Ideal for those seeking tranquillity and natural beauty, the dense forests, shimmering lakes and sprawling vineyards of the Black Forest provide a perfect refuge. Baden-Baden, renowned for thermal baths, and Freiburg, with its beautiful Gothic cathedral, are just a few highlights.


With a vibrant harbour and bustling fish market, Hamburg is a city that thrives on water. Its impressive architecture, canal-laden cityscape and riveting maritime museums make it a popular holiday spot.

The Romantic Road

Travellers seeking a more leisurely pace of exploration would delight in the Romantic Road. Spanning Wurzburg to Füssen, this 350-km long route offers the quintessential German pastoral experience, replete with charming villages, towering castles and rolling vineyards.

Where to Stay

Germany offers a plethora of choices when it comes to picking the perfect locale for your holiday base. Whether you're seeking a cosmopolitan city resort, a comfy family-friendly countryside abode or an idyllic romantic retreat, here are some of our top recommendations.

For a family holiday

If picturesque landscapes, medieval castles and interactive museums are on your family's holiday itinerary, consider basing your stay in the Bavarian city of Munich or Heidelberg in the Rhine Valley. For those seeking seaside fun, the beaches of the Baltic Sea offer the perfect refuge.

For a couples holiday

For couples desiring a blend of romance and history, Heidelberg, with its hilltop castle and beautiful Old Town, is an excellent choice. Alternatively, the tranquil vineyards and rolling hills of the Moselle Valley provide an idyllic backdrop for a romantic retreat.

For a holiday with friends

If your reunion involves exploring vibrant cities, clubbing the night away and absorbing vibrant cultural experiences, Berlin and Hamburg are your go-to spots. For adventure-loving groups, the Black Forest beckons with its multitude of hiking and biking trails.

When to Visit

Germany is a year-round holiday destination, each season bringing its distinctive charm to the table. The balmy summer months, from May to September, are ideal for outdoor exploration, sightseeing and beer garden frolics. Autumn presents a spectacular colour palette, particularly in the countryside, and is a fantastic time to participate in the thrills of Oktoberfest.

The winter months, despite the chill, hold a particular allure as Germany transforms into a twinkling wonderland with delightful Christmas markets, frosted landscapes and winter sports. Whether summer's warmth or winter's magic, Germany ensures that there's never a dull moment in your holiday adventure.