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Teeming with natural grandeur, ancient history and authentic Greek charm, Alonissos, a pristine island in the Aegean Sea, forms the absolute embodiment of an idyllic Mediterranean retreat. Marvellous beaches, lush pine forests and quaint villages cocooned in amidst the Northern Sporades - all await your discovery.

Sure to appease the wanderlust of any globe-trotter, Alonissos tantalises with a blend of captivating attractions, from the nationally renowned Marine Park sanctuary to centuries-old rustic architecture. So settle in and prepare to embark on an enchanting journey that dips into the heart of this Greek wonderland.

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Things to See and Do

Embark on an exciting journey through Alonissos, an island bursting with mesmerising scenery and rich cultural heritage. Whether you seek ambient relaxation, diving adventures or discovery of local traditions, Alonissos will not disappoint. Here are a few highlights.

Explore the charming Old Village (Chora)

Immerse yourself in Alonissos' history and culture by visiting its Old Village, locally known as Chora. This inviting hilltop village, restored after the earthquake of 1965, offers narrow winding streets, traditional stone houses and breathtaking panoramas, in a charming package of old-world allure.

Discover the Alonissos Marine Park

Venture out to the Alonissos Marine Park, the largest marine protected area in Europe. The park is a haven for various endangered species, including monk seals and numerous seabirds. Make the best of guided boat tours or dive into the clear Aegean Sea and marvel at this aquatic sanctuary, teeming with life.

Dive into the captivating Blue Cave

Admire the mesmerising hues of the Blue Cave, an underwater paradise available for exploration. Dive in and bask in the iridescent blue light bathing its interior as you marvel at the vibrant marine life, or sit back on an excursion boat and admire the sparkling, aqua-tinted vista.

Visit the scenic spot of Agios Petros

Whether you thirst for undisturbed tranquillity or the thrill of discovery, Alonissos' sandy shores cater to all. Bask in the sun at Agios Petros, or journey through cobbled streets and traditional Greek architecture. Round off the day sampling the locale's gastronomic delights and taking in the stunning sea views.

Capture the beauty of the island’s many islets

Extend your Alonissian adventure to the nearby islets of Kyra Panagia, Peristera and Gioura. Each offering a unique charm, these islets are part of the Municipality of Alonissos and are easily accessible via daily boat services.

Food and Drink

Sample Alonissos' sumptuous local cuisine, rich in natural flavours and steeped in tradition. From savoury seafood to sweet treats, here are a few Gastromic delights that are a must-try.

Savour the island’s fresh seafood

Immerse in the gastronomic heart of Alonissos with its local seafood delicacies. Dine alfresco in any of the traditional tavernas and feast upon the catch of the day, matching the freshness of the Aegean Sea itself.

Get a taste of Mizithra cheese

A culinary tradition of Alonissos, Mizithra is a tangy, light cheese often served as a part of meze or as a topping for pasta. Give this local favourite a try at one of the island's authentic Greek restaurants.

Indulge in the sweet, grilled figs

A local delight that cannot be missed, the grilled figs of Alonissos offer an unparalleled fusion of sweet and smoky flavours. Paired with a scoop of creamy Greek yoghurt, this simple yet indulgent dessert makes for an unforgettable finish to any meal.

Relish freshly picked almonds

Almonds are a staple of Alonissos' agriculture scene. Sample these delightful nuts raw, roasted, or baked into local pastries for an innate taste of the true Alonissian countryside.

Drink in the rich local wine

Take a sip of the local wines, crafted from vineyards flourishing under the radiant Greek sun, and appreciate the years of tradition poured into each bottle. It’s the perfect accompaniment for a seaside meal overlooking the stunning Aegean Sea.

Destination Essentials

With a sunny, warm climate for much of the year, Alonissos beckons travellers across all seasons. To help make your visit unforgettable, here are a few key insights.

The best time to enjoy an Alonissian holiday is from April to November, where you can bask in comfortably warm weather. Expect the island to be a sun-soaked paradise, brimming with vibrant colour and life, especially during the months of July and August.

However, for those wishing to bypass the bustling crowds of peak season, January and February offer a quieter, more intimate experience of the island. Despite being the cooler season, the mild Mediterranean winter still invites exploration of this charming island, with fewer tourists and an inviting tranquillity.


With its abundant natural beauty, Alonissos offers a mosaic of beautiful beaches. Each one boasts its own charm, inviting you to experience the captivating allure of the Aegean Sea. Here are a few mesmerising stretches of sand to put on your list.

Relax at the serene Megalos Mourtias

A pebbled beach close to Chora, Megalos Mourtias offers calming seclusion beside pristine waters, sheltered from the winds. For an easier transition from land to sea, it's advisable to wear sandals when navigating the pebbles.

Unwind at the secluded Tzortzi Gialos beach

Nestled amidst the natural pine woods, Tzortzi Gialos beach is an idyllic retreat offering serene turquoise waters perfect for swimming and snorkelling. It's a tranquil haven, where shade from surrounding trees provides the perfect spot to unwind and behold the stunning seascape.

Lose track of time at Great Sand beach

Discover the hidden gems of Alonissos in its protected bays, tucked away and often flanked by leafy olive and pine trees. Be it Agios Demetrius with its rippling blue waters, or Kokkinokastro with its towering sandstone cliffs, each beach tells its own tale under the Greek sun.

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