Chania Holidays

Stunningly wedged between azure Mediterranean waters and the towering White Mountains, Chania, the capital of Crete's eponymous region, offers a holiday experience rich in history, beauty, and culinary adventure.

Whether you're meandering through the woven lanes of the Old Town or basking in the sun on a picturesque beach, Chania captivates all who choose to explore its enchanting cradle of civilisation, making it the perfect getaway for those yearning for a blend of culture and serene relaxation.

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Things to See and Do

Chania, a city basking in the glory of centuries past and vibrant modern life, holds a wondrous array of attractions that make every moment of exploration a precious memory. Here are a few must-visits that keep guests enchanted.

Old Venetian Port

Step back in centuries at the Old Venetian Port. Awash with history and charm, the Old Port of Chania is a lively hub where past and present harmoniously converge. Stroll the winding alleys of the old town or sip a cooling frappé while overlooking the emblematic lighthouse.

Chania Lighthouse

This 16th-century remnant of Venetian rule, fortified with an 'Egyptian' touch, provides a breathtaking beacon at the end of the old harbour's pier. Take the picturesque walk up to the lighthouse for splendid views of Chania's coastal panorama.

Yannis Beach Place

Indulge in the comforts of Yannis Beach Place. Tucked alongside the golden sands of Agioi Apostoli Beach, Yannis offers a laidback seaside escape amidst Mediterranean pines. Lounge with a drink in hand while glimpsing the surf rolling over the rocky sea outcrops.


Wander through the lanes of Halepa. One of Chania's most significant districts, Halepa's streets are lined with historic houses which tell the tale of Chania's colourful political past. Don't miss a visit to the former Russian embassy, now housing a coffee shop laden with decadent pastries.

Nea Chora

Immerse in the beauty of Nea Chora. A tranquil corner of the city landscape, Nea Chora offers a genuine taste of local life. With its sandy beach, delightful eateries, and proximity to the Old Port, it's a must-visit for those seeking a slice of authentic Chania.

Food and Drink

Crete is universally applauded as a culinary haven; the food and drink in Chania is no exception. Delight your palate with these quintessentially Cretan experiences.

Bask in the flavours of local bougatsa

Start your day with a breakfast of bougatsa – delicate layers of filo pastry enveloping either semolina custard or cheese, sprinkled lightly with sugar and cinnamon. Seek out a traditional bougatsa shop to savour the dish at its best.

Relish the taste of dakos

Think Greek bruschetta and you’re close to the essence of dakos – crunchy barley rusk topped with ripe tomatoes, creamy mizithra cheese and a generous drizzling of virgin olive oil. It's Cretan simplicity at its appetising best.

Sip on tsikoudia

This potent Cretan spirit, also known as raki, is a definite must-try. However, be warned, it's often served chilled in shot glasses but do not be mistaken - tsikoudia is to be sipped and savoured, usually accompanied by a delicious platter of local mezedes.

Indulge in fresh seafood

The Aegean lends Chania a smorgasbord of fresh seafood. Visit one of the many harbour-side tavernas to enjoy dishes like kalamarakia (lightly fried squid), mussels saganaki (with a rich tomato and feta sauce), or simply grilled fresh fish of the day.

Taste honey-infused loukoumades

After a hearty Cretan meal, look out for loukoumades – irresistibly light doughnuts bathed in Cretan honey and sprinkled with cinnamon, a sweet treat that masterfully combines simple ingredients into a blissful dessert experience.

Destination Essentials

Chania is a destination that lures visitors into its radiant embrace throughout the year. However, certain periods shine brighter for specific holiday experiences.

The ideal timing for a sun-soaked escape to Chania's shores is during the sweltering summer months between June and September. Expect mercury soaring into the low 30s as continuous sunshine illuminates the azure coastal landscapes. It’s a fantastic time to dive into the deep blue, dine al fresco in balmy nights, and experience the city's animated summer nightlife.

However, if history or culture is your calling, the moderate climes of April to June, and September to November, offer delightful weather for city exploration, hiking trips, and uncovering Chania's vibrant past. With fewer tourists, it’s easier to meander through the city's streets and uncover the islands' hidden gems in relative serenity.


The sands of Chania act as an open invitation to relax, where scorchingly beautiful coastlines craft idyllic sanctuaries for both adventurous explorers and tranquillity seekers.

Bask on the shores of Nea Chora Beach

A popular choice for locals, Nea Chora offers a comfortable beach experience just a stone's throw from the city's streets. Spend a sunny afternoon under an umbrella, with the salt air carrying delightful scents from nearby tavernas.

Adore the quiet allure of Koum Kapi Beach

In the shadow of Chania's city walls, Koum Kapi provides a sandy stretch that's surprisingly overlooked by many tourists. Swim in its calm waters and unwind in the quarter's charming cafes and bars.

Lounge at Yannis Beach

Close to Agioi Apostoli, Yannis Beach offers sun loungers and umbrellas complementing perfect views of the bay. Its location, neighbouring the lush pine forest and stunning hillside vistas, promise serenity for every beachgoer.

Experience vibrant beach life at Agioi Apostoli

With its golden sand, clear blue waters and recreational facilities, Agioi Apostoli beach is a hotspot for families and watersport adventurers. The nearby parks provide shaded picnic spots for a midday break from the sun.

Relish the low-key atmosphere of Kalamaki Beach

Swim, sunbathe, or simply gaze upon the endless blue of the Aegean at Kalamaki Beach. Set one foot on its inviting sand, and it’ll become your go-to place for a shot of tranquillity and salt water.

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