Corfu Holidays

A jewel shimmering in the Ionian Sea, Corfu, with its world-renowned beaches, exceptional weather, and a treasure trove of cultural attractions, epitomises the ideal Mediterranean holiday. From lazy sun-dappled days on sandy shores to exploratory adventures through the island's rich history, a sojourn in Corfu is a feast for the senses that you'll remember for a lifetime.

Whether it's the siren call of the turquoise ocean, the historical allure of the city's old fortresses, the irresistible charm of local food and wine, or the sheer beauty of its flora and fauna – Corfu welcomes all with open arms. You're in the right place, read on for your go-to guide to this Greek paradise.

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Things to See and Do

From awe-inspiring fortifications to thrilling pirate ship tours, Corfu's rich tapestry of attractions can captivate any traveller. Here's a look at just a handful of the treasures waiting to be discovered in this Greek paradise.

Old Fortress of Corfu

Pay a visit to the Old Fortress of Corfu: Steeped in history, the Venetian-built Old Fortress reveals magnificent panoramas of the city and the sea. Make your way to this historical beacon for a fascinating journey back in time, and don't forget to take your camera!

Black Rose Pirate Ship

Climb aboard the Black Rose Pirate Ship: Offering hour-long tours of Corfu's coastline, this immersive adventure is a must for those with a thirst for maritime exploration. Delight in the captivating stories and enjoy perfect Instagram-worthy moments with the azure sea as your backdrop.


Discover the charm of Faliraki: Offering more than just stunning vistas, Faliraki is a treasure trove of cultural gems, from its beautiful sandy beach to Venetian, heritage-listed buildings and the Porta Remounda. Don't forget to enjoy the local cuisine at the beachside bars and restaurants.

Food and Drink

A trip to Corfu wouldn’t be complete without sampling some of the tantalising local cuisine. Let's take you on a little gastronomic tour of the island.

Indulge in local seafood

Enjoy the bounty of the sea at one of the charming tavernas dotting the coastline, where you can feast on dishes such as calamari, octopus and local fish, all seasoned with indigenous herbs and drenched in olive oil.

Sip on traditional kumquat liqueur

A local speciality of Corfu, this liqueur, boasting a bold, citrusy flavour, is both refreshing and invigorating. You can even take a bottle home as a delicious reminder of your trip.

Savour Corfu’s Olive Bread

A sensational blend of local olives, thyme and dough creates this hearty, flavoursome bread. Savour it by the warm seaside, coupled with a slice of the local feta cheese and a sip of local wine to experience Corfu at its best.

Taste Sofrito

This traditional Corfiot dish made of beef is slow-cooked in a white wine, garlic and herb sauce, offering an authentic taste of Corfu that will leave you salivating.

Relish the Loukoumades

These deep-fried dough balls covered in honey or chocolate sauce are a heavenly local dessert. Perfect for a sweet end to a delightful Corfiot meal.

Destination Essentials

The perfect time to enjoy Corfu's glorious offerings varies depending on your preferences. However, late spring in May and June or early autumn in September and October would serve you well. These periods provide pleasant temperatures, reduced crowds, and more affordable accommodation and flight options.

For beach lovers who enjoy basking in the sun and splashing in warm waters, July would be the peak of the summer season. However, if you prefer milder weather with fewer tourists around, May would be the ideal month for your visit. Between June and August, the island experiences its high season, with bright, unbroken sunshine and temperatures often crossing the 30-degree mark.


Corfu's coastline is famed for its captivating beauty, unquestionably featuring some of the best beaches in the Ionian islands, and indeed, across Greece.

Explore Barbati Beach

With its clear waters, pebbled seashore, and dramatic mountainous backdrop, Barbati Beach offers a fantastic haven for lovers of the sun and sea.

Discover Rovinia Beach

A hidden gem, Rovinia beach is adorned with white pebbles and clear turquoise waters. This unspoilt beauty is perfect for snorkelling and swimming.

Relax on Agios Spiridon Beach

This quiet beach, with its crystal-clear blue waters and lush surroundings, is an ideal spot for a peaceful day by the sea. The beach has been awarded the Blue Flag for cleanliness and safety, assuring a high-quality beach experience.

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