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Nestled within the unspoilt landscapes of Greece's Peloponnese region, Costa Navarino beckons those in search of a rare Mediterranean retreat. This luxurious destination tantalises with its pristine beaches, centuries-old olive groves, sumptuous culinary offerings, and rich cultural heritage.

Home to world-class golf courses, thought-provoking art, and breathtaking nature experiences - all wrapped up in the welcoming warmth of the Greeks - a holiday to Costa Navarino is the epitome of indulgence and exploration.

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Things to See and Do

From ancient fortresses perching high above the azure waters, to immersive eco-adventures that truly awaken the senses, Costa Navarino offers a diverse mélange of extraordinary experiences. Here are a few must-visit attractions that embody the pure spirit of this unique destination.

Explore the Old Navarino Fortress

This intriguing 13th-century vantage point, also called Paleokastro, is a magnet for all history buffs. With its spectacular panoramic views interspersed with evocative ruins, this castle is a lens into Costa Navarino's storied past. To access it, embark on a mesmerising 30-minute climb from Voidokilia Beach car park and prepare to be rewarded with views that take your breath away.

Paddle across Navarino Bay

Starting from Divari beach, embark on a kayaking adventure across the tranquil waters of Navarino Bay. Along the route, marvel at the stunning natural beauty, and stopover at gems like Tsihli Baba and Sphactiria Island to explore hidden caves and enjoy a rejuvenating swim.

Step into antiquity at the Palace of Nestor

Unveil the mysteries of Mycenaean civilisation at the Palace of Nestor in Pylos. This well-preserved palace offers a glimpse into the grand structures of ancient Greece, and with an accessible layout, it’s a historical treat for everyone.

Food and Drink

To truly connect with the soul of Costa Navarino, experience its rich culinary traditions that are deeply rooted in its cultural heritage. Here are some gastronomical delights that you simply must indulge in during your visit.

Savour the Navarino Icons

Navarino Icons is a brand that celebrates the region's traditional gastronomy. Feast on delicacies like Sesame seed candy and fresh fruit marmalades, or relish pasta and bread made from locally-sourced ingredients. An epicurean experience truly befitting Costa Navarino's hypnotic charm.

Experience the legacy of Mycenaean Greece

Costa Navarino represents an enticing blend of age-old traditions and modern sensibilities. Treat your palate to centuries-old flavours of Mycenaean Greece that are recreated in Navarino Icons products, from extra virgin olive oil and succulent olives to delicately handcrafted biscuits.

Relish the bountiful produce

Experience the freshly harvested richness of Costa Navarino through the diverse Navarino Icons range. Enjoy jarred olives, honey, sumptuous marmalades and other sweet treats, which make perfect gastronomic souvenirs.

Destination Essentials

Costa Navarino is a destination penned by Mother Nature's loving hand, designed to be enjoyed all year-round. However, it is between the sun-kissed months of June to September that Costa Navarino truly comes into its bloom, as the days grow long and gracefully hot, reaching an average maximum of 32°C in August.

Easy to access, thanks to direct flights from most European cities to Kalamata International Airport, this unique destination manages to weave together the sun worshipper's dream and the culture enthusiast's delight seamessly. Visit the sprawling sandy beaches, uncover the secrets of historic Pylos, experience the tranquility of olive picking or explore the vibrant seafront promenade. Remember, Costa Navarino isn’t just a holiday, it's a special chapter in your book of travel memories.


Costa Navarino is blessed with an enchanting coastline adorned with pristine beaches that embody relaxed luxury. These ethereal stretches of sand and surf invite you to while away your days in blissful serenity.

Unwind at the Romanos Beach

Luxuriate at this exclusive beach along the Romanos Resort, where crystal-clear Ionian waves lap against the soft sands. Bask in the sun or snorkel in the sea, and when the day turns into twilight, relax in your private pool.

Immerse in the charm of Voidokilia Beach

This beautiful crescent-shaped beach offers an ideal canvas to soak up Costa Navarino's natural beauty. Whether you’re sunbathing on the warm sands or cooling off in the turquoise sea, you feel a kindred spirit with this antiquated landscape.

Get active at KOA Beach Bar

For a more dynamic beach experience, head to the KOA Beach Bar. Spice up your day with exciting water sports like paddleboarding, or relax by the golden sands of this beach that echoes the sunny spirit of Costa Navarino.

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