Georgioupolis Holidays

Offering unparalleled access to both historical heritage and the promise of sun-kissed relaxation, Georgioupolis, a resort village in Crete, effortlessly captures the quintessence of Cretan charm. Centrally positioned along the north coast, it makes for an ideal base from which to explore everything this splendid island has to offer.

From the languid beaches to the delicious local cuisine, the vibrant tavernas to the enthralling pirate boat rides, every inch of it invites you to indulge in a distinctly Cretan experience. Whether it's a tranquil family holiday or a vigorous exploration of ancient towns you're after, Georgioupolis caters to each pursuit with aplomb.

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Things to See and Do

For those seeking to immerse themselves in the flavour of Georgioupolis, consider these must-experience attractions. Set the course for an unforgettable journey enriched with captivating history, gorgeous landscapes and exciting activities.

Pirate Boat Trip (Piraten Bootsfahrt)

Embark on the Pirate Boat Trip (Piraten Bootsfahrt), a thrilling maritime adventure perfect for children and adults alike. With activities ranging from pirate-themed treasure hunts to snorkelling, it promises a fun-filled day.


Explore the bustling Miniaturenpark with its rich wildlife, charming cafes, and traditional Greek tavernas. Let the allure of road trips, horse riding, and bike tours tempt you into exploring the surrounding areas.

Georgioupouli Cave

Lounge in the idyllic Eucalyptus-lined Georgioupouli Cave, and soak in the sublime vistas of its sandy beach and clear waters. Grab the opportunity to savour the hospitality of traditional Greek tavernas and peruse the local shops.

Georgioupolis' Beach

Venture to the town's long and sandy beach, the jewel in Georgioupolis' crown and a magnet for sun-seekers pining for the perfect tan.

Lake Kournas

Finally, pay a visit to Lake Kournas and observe the abundant local wildlife, including the endearing Loggerhead Turtles.

Food and Drink

True to its rich cultural heritage, Georgioupolis does not skimp on culinary delights. Sample an array of traditional Greek cuisines and wash it down with local wines, bringing you a step closer to embracing the island's multifaceted persona.

Savour juicy souvlaki from the bustling tavernas lining the village streets.

Wish not for a more fitting companion to your dining experience than a glass of chilled Retsina, a revered local wine.

Feast on fresh seafood like pulpo (octopus) prepared in myriad ways, each more appealing than the last.

Try it smoky from the grill or marinated in tangy citrus and olive oil.

Sample traditional mezze, a smorgasbord of appetizers best enjoyed with a shot of raki, Crete’s popular grape-based spirit.

Dessert in Crete calls for a serving of rkikomelo, a warm drunken mix of raki, honey and spices.

It is the perfect ending to a sumptuous meal.

Destination Essentials

Tempted by the idyllic lure of Georgioupolis? The best time to bask in its glory is between mid-June and mid-September when the weather is perfect for beach lounging, historical wandering, and culinary indulgence. July, with an average high of about 31°C, is the hottest month.

Offering respite from the summer crowds, spring (March-May) and autumn (October) also make for pleasant visiting seasons, with a milder climate and warmer waters. Remember to pack your sense of adventure, possibly a sundress or two, and plenty of sunblock.


With nine kilometres of pristine sandy patches and inviting crystal blue waters, the beaches in and around Georgioupolis are a sun-worshipper's paradise.

Kalyvaki beach

The secluded jewel of Georgioupolis Bay, is known for its sheltered swimming areas, warm waters, water sports facilities, and nearby eateries.

The Paralia Georgioupoli

Offers a rare chance to soak in the Greek sun from a beach-front villa, complete with a private pool and a plethora of activities.

Παραλια Γεωργιουπολης

A public beach, is a convergence of pristine white sands and sapphire-blue waters, promising timeless beachside fun under the summer sun.

The beach at Almyros harbour

Experience unforgettable sunrise and sunset views from the beach at Almyros harbour, a tranquil spot where three rivers meet the sea.

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