Hersonissos Holidays

For those seeking a sublime family retreat under the clutches of the Mediterranean sun, Hersonissos, stationed on the island jewel of Crete, unfolds as an idyllic destination. Offering myriad, family-friendly excursions under the warmth of the Grecian sun, Hersonissos paints an enchanting portraiture of excellent island hospitality and captivating scenery.

From the variety of family-accommodating resorts and hotels, tantalising cuisine and engaging attractions suited for all ages and preferences, Hersonissos stands as a perennial favourite for those in search of sunny beach afternoons and family-friendly divertissements. Rest assured, an excursion to Hersonissos is a sure delight for all.

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Things to See and Do

Hersonissos, bathed in year-round sunshine and centred around family-oriented pursuits, offers a bevy of attractions catered to all ages. From serene beaches and epicurean delights to resplendent historical landmarks, your itinerary is set to brim with memorable experiences. Let’s delve into the must-see attractions awaiting you.

Douse in the fun at Aquaworld Aquarium & Reptile Rescue Centre

See vibrant aquatic life up close and personal in this fascinating water world that doubles as a rescue centre. Be captivated by the variety of marine and terrestrial animals housed here and enjoy educational activities geared towards conservation awareness.

Uncover history at The Palace of Knossos

Steep yourself in ancient Greek mythology with a family visit to The Palace of Knossos. Marvel at the architectural complexity of this archaeological site, once reputed as the Minotaur's labyrinth, and engage the young ones with captivating tales of ancient supremacy.

Immerse in The Crete Golf Club

Test your skills on the lush expanses of The Crete Golf Club. This beautifully designed facility will engage every family member, and for developing golfers, it offers world-class instruction, making it a fulfilling day out in the Grecian sun.

Hop aboard a Labyrinth Theme Park adventure

For an adventure-filled day, visit the Labyrinth Theme Park. Home to 3D labyrinth mazes, mini-golf, and exhilarating rides; this park will keep the children entertained while the adults revel in the rustic charm of the tranquil greenery.

Experience the vibrant nightlife at Palm Beach Club

As day turns to dusk, the Palm Beach Club in Hersonissos comes alive with vibrant music and refreshing beverages, providing adults with an invitation to sample the island's upbeat nightlife.

Food and Drink

Hersonissos offers a gustatory journey through its traditional tavernas to the trendy cafes lined across the coastlines. Ensure to appreciate five of these local culinary treasures for a full taste of Cretan charm.

Explore the flavours of Moussaka

Traverse any local eatery, and you'll surely encounter the delicious Moussaka. This layered dish, alternating between aubergine, minced meat and creamy béchamel, is a staple in Greek cuisine. Sample it in a cosy garden taverna for an authentic Cretan experience.

Delight in a Cheese Saganaki

This simple, yet delightful starter featuring deep-fried Greek cheese served with lemon and bread, is a perfect example of Hersonissos' culinary delights. Enjoy a warm plate of Cheese Saganaki as you overlook the Mediterranean Sea in a beachside cafe.

Unearth the magic of Dolmadakia

Handcrafted vine leaves stuffed with rice and herbs, known as Dolmadakia, present a unique taste of Greek culture. You can enjoy this traditional appetiser in various local eateries around Hersonissos.

Toast with Raki or Tsikoudia

When in Hersonissos, join the locals in a toast with Raki or Tsikoudia. These traditional distilled spirits, usually served after a meal, are a staple in Crete and available in almost every restaurant and taverna.

Endure the sweet finish of Loukoumades

Round off your meals with a plateful of Loukoumades, tiny doughnuts drizzled with honey and dusted with cinnamon, they are a sweet tradition not to be missed.

Destination Essentials

To optimise your Hersonissos getaway and relish everything it has to offer, consider visiting between May and September. These summer months mark the peak of the island's charm when the weather is notoriously sunny and warm, presenting ideal conditions for beach activities and outdoor explorations.

However, as the influx of tourists heightens during these months, those yearning for a more tranquil retreat might prefer the shoulder season, when the influx of visitors dwindles, yet the island remains delightfully warmed by the Mediterranean sunshine. Whether you visit during peak or off-peak, the city's family-friendly accommodations, gastronomic delights and diverse attractions assure an unforgettable Greek holiday time.

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