Kavos Holidays

Revel in the charm of sun-soaked Kavos, the enchanting seaside village at the southern tip of the Greek island of Corfu. Known for its vibrant holiday atmosphere, Kavos is the ultimate destination for fun-seekers from across the globe.

Boasting a lineup of lively restaurants, shops and hotels, the coastal allure of Kavos will captivate anyone from wandering young adventurers to family holidaymakers. Enter a realm where exhilarating club scenes synchronise with culturally enriching landmarks, all under the spell of the warm Grecian sun.

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Things to See and Do

Kavos is the perfect playground that beautifully balances adrenaline-charged adventures with serene, tranquil escapades. From family-friendly hotels to exciting watersports, there is a plethora of memorable attractions on this exquisite strip of Corfu. Let's delve into the must-visit attractions that elevate a holiday in Kavos from being merely enjoyable to utterly unforgettable.

Experience comfort at Happy Tours Kavos

One doesn't merely visit Happy Tours Kavos; one revels in its embrace. This destination perfectly caters to families, offering amenities that make each stay both comfortable and enjoyable. With Kavos beach just a stone's throw away, amusement for the whole family is never far.

Delight in Pegasus Daily Boat Trip

Enjoy traditional Greek hospitality aboard a Pegasus day cruise. Operating for nigh-on half a century, this family-run business gives families and couples the opportunity to experience the soothing rhythm of Greek sea life.

Discover Arkoudilas Beach

Don your explorer's hat and wander to Arkoudilas, the beautiful sandy beach at the southern end of the island. Amid high cliffs lies an inviting beach, complete with sunbeds, parasols and the promise of frozen concoctions in the summer months.

Venture to Agios Petros Beach

Prepare to lose yourself amidst sweeping bays of turquoise water and warm sand at Agios Petros beach. Ranked amongst the finest beaches of the Ionian Islands, Agios Petros Beach also provides thrill-seekers with catamaran rides and jet skiing activities.

Evening at Bouka Beach

End your day in Kavos with a visit to Bouka Beach. Its calm sea and extended sandy coastline merge to shape a beach-goer's delight.

Food and Drink

Kavos presents a delectable spread of Grecian culinary delights, allowing the curious diner to momentarily become a true Greek through a gastronomic journey. Each dish wonderfully captures the taste, aroma and spirit of Greece, tantalising your taste-buds and leaving them yearning for more.

Destination Essentials

Savour the vibrance and sun-kissed lifestyle of Kavos during the peak summer months of June to August. The azures of the sea and the skies vie for your attention as temperatures rise to a pleasant 33°C, ensuring that beachgoers can soak in the magnificence of Kavos' scenic coast.

However, if you lean towards a serene, authentic Kavos experience sparse of bustling crowds, then consider visiting in the mild and quiet months of April, May or October. Despite being off the peak season, the island maintains a warm, inviting climate perfect for explorers.


Kavos' scenic coastline is home to some of the most beautiful, vibrant, and relaxed beaches in Corfu. Be it grooving to the rhythm of club songs, experiencing the thrill of water sports, or unwinding amidst nature's charm, each beach adds a unique shade to the thriving picture of Kavos.

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