Laganas Holidays

Tucked away on the southernmost part of Zakynthos, Greece, lies the vibrant village of Laganas. With its picturesque blend of an azure coastline, bustling nightlife and charming local life, Laganas is an unmissable gem in the Greek archipelago.

Whether you're an adrenaline seeker, history enthusiast or you're after a lively party destination, Laganas caters to every holiday palette. Offering an enchanting blend of thrilling adventures, magnificent beaches, and culinary delights, this Greek haven ensures that each visit will leave you spellbound.

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Things to See and Do

From stunning beaches to captivating excursions, Laganas has a plethora of spectacular attractions that make it a must-visit. Dive in and discover the island's sun-drenched beauty, swim alongside sea turtles, or simply savour the vibrant nightlife. Discover some of the highlights of this party village turned idyllic tourist hub.

Bask in the beauty of Cameo Island

As beautiful as a pearl nestled in the Agios Sostis region of Laganas, Cameo Island beckons with its crystal-clear beach and enchanting scenery. Soak up the sun, savour the buzzing atmosphere of the island's renowned Cameo Beach Club, or host the seaside wedding of your dreams in the island's ancient church.

Expedition to Marathonisi Island "Turtle Island"

Shaped like a turtle, Marathonisi Island in Laganas Bay is a stunning attraction. Travel by taxi boat or join an excursion to discover the island's secluded beaches, one accessible through a beautiful cave passage. Bask in the breathtaking beauty of Marathonisi while adhering to the marine park's protection rules.

Venture to Keri Caves

The Keri Caves, found on the southwestern coast of Zakynthos, captivate with their ethereal beauty. Navigate the stunning cave entrances by boat or partake in a guided excursion to fully appreciate these natural wonders.

Experience the enthralling nightlife

Laganas is famed for its vibrant nightlife with over 100 bars and clubs. Step out and lose yourself in the lively bustle that peaks in the summer months of June, July, and August.

Meet the superstar sea turtles

Among the greatest attractions of Laganas is the migration of loggerhead sea turtles which lay their eggs on the beach. This awe-inspiring sight elevates Laganas to an eco-friendly tourist destination, offering a unique connection with nature.

Destination Essentials

For sun-seekers, the best time to visit Laganas is between June and September when the Mediterranean climate shines its finest with temperatures peaking at around 34°C. Beach lovers will particularly enjoy the sea temperatures, which average at 23°C or above from June to October.

Laganas's vibrant atmosphere is heightened in the summer months, however, it still retains its charm throughout the year. With a milder climate in the winter months, Laganas presents an appealing destination for out-of-season visitation, especially for those fewer crowd seekers. Either way, a visit to Laganas ensures a memorable Greek holiday experience.

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