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Majestically poised in the Ionian Sea, Lefkada beguiles visitors with its unique blend of stunning landscapes and rich history. Connected to mainland Greece by a causway and floating bridge, this gem is distinctly simple to reach; Yet unfolds an experience that feels removed from the everyday.

Brimming with ancient myths, beautiful beaches, and charming resorts, Lefkada vibrates with an alluring rhythm of traditional Greek life. As your eyes soak in captivating vistas and your palette delights in local flavours, you'll feel all your senses being charmed in Lefkada, an ethereal corner of Greece.

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Things to See and Do

On this enchanting island, diverse attractions seamlessly merge with natural beauty, offering experiences as rich as the azure Ionian Sea. Whether you wish to embrace serenity in centuries-old monasteries, explore secluded beaches, or lose yourself in charming resorts, Lefkada doesn't merely accommodate; it inspires. Here's a taste of its offerings.

Faneromeni Monastery

Immerse yourself in history at the Faneromeni Monastery: Just 4 kilometers from Lefkada town, on a hill offering phenomenal sea views, lies the island's largest Monastery. Here, your understanding of Lefkada's religious history will deepen amidst beautiful gardens and a quaint zoo.

Gaidaros Beach

Seek tranquillity at Gaidaros Beach: Retreat to the secluded west coast where this less-known beach offers serenity. Head to the north section if you're a nudist or just take in the spectacular blue hues of the sea from this dreamy strip of sand, accessible via a charming route.

Milos Hidden Beach

Discover the charm of Milos Hidden Beach: In search of solitude? Milos beach is your sanctuary. Whether you arrive by foot or boat, you'll be captivated by this unspoilt beauty brimming with sunshine and sand.


Unveil Lefkada's secrets in Nidri: As the largest resort on the east coast, Nidri promises a whirlwind of activities and encounters. Combining scenic beauty with vibrant life, it's perfect for creating unforgettable memories.

Porto Katsiki Beach

Marvel at the splendour of Porto Katsiki Beach: West Lefkada boasts of this famous beach, where stunning views of the Ionian Sea unfold like a meticulously crafted panorama. One look at the deep blue water lapping against the shores, and you'll know why it's a revered destination.

Destination Essentials

The allure of Lefkada is constant throughout the year, making it a perfect spot for an anytime getaway. However, if we must pick the finest times, then aim for mid to late August when the weather graces the island with pleasant warmth and clear skies, ideal for sunbathers and sea-lovers alike.

The off-peak season months such as May, June, and September, are also splendid times to visit if avoiding crowds is on top of your list. Warm seas and sunshine will accompany you, offering an intimate encounter with Lefkada's enchantments. Whether you prefer the balmy glow of summer or the pleasant calm of fall, Lefkada's doors stand forever welcoming.


Lefkada's coast is adorned with a seemingly endless string of pearls, where the brilliant blue Ionian Sea kisses sun-kissed sands. From the secluded charm of Gaidaros beach to the absolute splendour of Gialos, each has its own unique allure. Why choose one when you can surrender to the enchantment of them all?

Dive into Tsoukalades Beach

Experience a serene getaway at Tsoukalades, 10 kilometers southwest of the main town. Here the blend of crystal-clear water and green cliffs will transport you to a haven of peace and tranquillity.

Experience a mystical journey at Megali Petra Beach

Known for its magnificent shore adorned with colossal rocks and wild scenery, Megali Petra promises an adventure fit for a Greek Odyssey. Caution is advised when swimming due to the deep waters.

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