Lemnos Holidays

Sprawled across the cerulean waters of the northern Aegean Sea, you'll find the unspoilt Greek island of Lemnos, a destination buzzing with history, culture, and picturesque landscapes. As the carefree allure of Greek island life calls to your wanderlust, Lemnos, the 8th largest Greek isle, answers with its unique blend of breathtaking beaches, flavourful cuisine, and time-honoured traditions.

Lose yourself in the tranquil folds of Lemnos, where the rhythm of its local life and myriad attractions will inevitably captivate you. Whether you relish quiet mornings on deserted beaches, exploring rustic villages dotting the island, or savouring authentic Greek cuisine, a holiday in Lemnos is an Odyssey worth embarking on.

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Things to See and Do

Lemnos offers an eclectic mix of mystical sites, historic landmarks, and natural wonders that ensure a memorable journey. From wandering the ancient streets of Poliochni to sailing the azure waters of Diapori, let's embark on an exploration.

Marvel at the grandeur of Myrina Castle

Commanding an imposing presence, the Castle of Myrina in the island's capital is an ancient fortress brimming with history and charm. Stroll along its cobbled paths, wander through the archways and gaze upon the azure Aegean waters from the castle ramparts, this majestic symbol of Lemnos undoubtedly deserves a visit.

Get lost in the ruins of Poliochni

Dip a toe into Lemnos' ancient history with a trip to Poliochni. Once a cradle of civilization, what remains of Europe's oldest city takes you back to the dawn of urbanization.

Uncover the legend of Philoctetes in the Cave of Kaviria

Delve into the realm of Greek mythology at the Cave of Philoctetes. Nestled beneath the Kaviria sanctuary, this enigmatic cave brings alive the tales of the tragic hero, Philoctetes, who was said to be healed by the therapeutic properties of the island's earth.

Savour the island's serenity at Diapori

Escape the hustle and bustle at the quaint port of Diapori. Nestled between Tsimandria and Kodias, this hidden gem offers breathtaking views, tranquil boat rides, and serene moments soaking up the sun on its beautiful beaches.

Gaze upon the unique sand dunes of Ammothines

Take a voluntary detour into the desert at the Pachies Ammoudies of Lemnos, also known as Ammothines. Spread over 70 acres, these sand dunes create a mesmerizing moonscape in the heart of the island.

Destination Essentials

The ideal time to experience Lemnos in all its Aegean splendour is during the warm months from April to November, with July and August being the peak, owing to the ideal beach weather. Despite some strong winds in August; lounging on the beaches, wandering through ancient ruins, and trying local cuisines make a summer holiday in Lemnos perfect.

For winter enthusiasts, Lemnos caters to them with mild winters and occasional snowfall. Although it's the low tourist season, nature lovers would find the wild beauty of Lemnos in winter irresistible. Regardless of when you choose to visit, the charm of Lemnos remains ever appealing.

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