Naxos Holidays

If you're yearning for unexplored, sandy beaches with crystal clear waters, tantalising local cuisine, and a rich history dating back over 200,000 years, then Naxos, the delightfully vibrant gem of the Cycladic islands, is your ideal setting.

Naxos ushers you into a fascinating world of ancient myth, the spirit of Dionysus, and the childhood haunts of Zeus. Alongside its time-forged culture, you'll also discover an island pulsating with life, offering a blend of relaxation, adventure, and awe-inspiring vistas. Indeed, Naxos whilst enchanting, also looks set to answer your every holiday query.

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Things to See and Do

Naxos captivates with its stellar roster of attractions, bouncing from mythical landscapes to sandy beaches. The island’s offerings blend history, culture, and natural beauty seamlessly, providing an itinerary as expansive as its own mythic past.

The Temple of Apollo - Portara

Venture into the sacred grounds of the Temple of Apollo - Portara, an imposing relic proudly posing against the sky.

Bazeos Tower

Absorb the enigmatic charm of the alluring Bazeos Tower, a Venetian stronghold now serving as a vibrant cultural hub.


Spend a day in the bustling main town of Chora, delighting in its labyrinthine streets and the relics of its past.

Mt Zas

Ascend Mt Zas, tracing the footsteps of the infant Zeus, and immerse yourself in the romantic aura of the Ariadne's myth.

Naxos Archaeological Sites

Lastly, don’t miss the opportunity to trace the island's descent from its Neanderthal roots in its archaeological sites, which are among some of the earliest evidence of human inhabitance in the Aegean.

Food and Drink

Naxos is a gastronomic paradise, offering a menu inspired by the bounty of its sun-kissed earth and surrounding Aegean waters. Enjoy the delicious dakos, a topping of tomatoes and mizithra cheese on a round rusk soaked in olive oil. Find true indulgence in a plate of potatosalata, local potato salad with onions, green olives, and capers. Be sure to try souvlaki, seasoned meat sticks grilled to perfection. Wash down your meals with a chilled glass of Kitron, a tangy citrus liqueur unique to Naxos. Lastly, satisfy your sweet tooth with Melitinia, a dessert made with local cheese and garnished with cinnamon.

Destination Essentials

Plan your visit to Naxos with weather and peak seasons in mind. The shoulder seasons of late April to early June and September to early October are perfect for enjoying the balmy climate alongside fewer crowds. This time provides a wonderful opportunity to explore archaeological sites, engage in outdoor activities, and bask on the beaches.

Peak summer months of June to August are ideal for sun worshippers wanting to soak in the highest temperatures accompanied by long sunny days but do bear in mind the increase in tourist numbers. For a quieter and more cost-effective experience, consider visiting during the off-season from November to March.


With its extensive coastline, Naxos offers a paradise bestowed with countless mesmerising beaches.

Alyko Beach

Bathe in the turquoise embrace of the pristine Alyko beach, its peace interrupted only by the soft rustle of surrounding juniper and cedar trees.

Pyrgaki Beach

Have a family day out at Pyrgaki beach, with its shallow waters and stunning vistas.

Mikri Vigla Beach

If you are a water sports enthusiast, Mikri Vigla Beach, with its dedicated kite and windsurfing areas, is your place.

Kavos Beach

Find a slice of tranquillity in the cosy haven of Kavos beach.

Agiassos Beach

If your heart yearns for secluded beauty, then head to the dramatic coastline of Agiassos beach, punctuated by cliffs and lush greenery.

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